Warner Bros. Picks Up 'Haunted' from 'Supernatural' Creator

For six seasons, Eric Kripke has been sharing weekly tales of demons, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night on his popular TV show Supernatural. Now, the writer and producer is taking his talents for the supernatural to the big screen with his new film Haunted. The film, which Kripke wrote and will direct, is being co-produced by Greg Berlanti (who was a co-screenwriter and producer for The Green Lantern) along with Kevin McCormack.

One has to wonder whether Kripke's involvement with Haunted is partly to explain for his departure from Supernatural. As Screen Rant's Anthony Ocasio wrote last year, Kripke quit his day-to-day duties on Supernatural to develop additional TV projects for Warner Bros. As part of that relationship, perhaps Kripke is also branching out to feature films.

According to Variety, Haunted tells the story of a haunted house from the perspective of a ghost. Based on Kripke's previous work, I'm going to assume that the specter isn't much like Casper the Friendly Ghost, but it's too early to say for sure.

Earlier this year, James Wan and Leigh Whannell (the co-creators of the Saw franchise) proved the viability of the haunted house genre when their film Insidious beat out Scream 4 at the box office. Still, as much as I personally loved the movie (see my four star Insidious review), the film didn't exactly break new ground in the genre.

Hopefully, Haunted, with its ghost as protagonist twist, will offer something new to horror fans (assuming that the movie is in fact a horror film). The question is whether Kripke can make the leap to directing movies from directing TV.

I've never watched Supernatural (though the show has  couple of big supporters on the Screen Rant team), so I'd be interested to hear what fans of the series think. Does Kripke have the goods to bring a unique horror story to the big screen?

Source: Variety

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