The Eric Andre Show Season 5 Updates: Will It Happen?

The show is a cult comedy phenomenon but will The Eric Andre Show season 5 ever happen? The Eric Andre Show arrived on Adult Swim in 2012 and acts as a surreal late-night talk show parody, where Andre interviews various celebrity guests ranging from Seth Rogen to Dolph Lundgren (Creed II). Hannibal Buress acts as the show's co-host, with the interviews often devolving into total chaos.

Andre claims the show was largely inspired by Space Ghost Coast To Coast, with other influences being Conan O'Brien and Martin Short's character Jiminy Glick. The show's chaotic tone and dark comedy soon attracted a loyal cult following, with the most recent season coming to an end in 2016. Andre later returned for a one-off special in 2018 titled Eric Andre Does Paris, where the host brought his unique brand of absurdist humor overseas. Outside of the special, there's been little sign of a fifth season of the show coming together.

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With the long gap between seasons, fans are wondering if the show is ever coming back. So is The Eric Andre Show season 5 going to happen?

Eric Andre Worked On Other Projects Following Season 4

Rather than dive straight into The Eric Andre Show season 5, Andre became busy on other projects following the last series. He played a leading role on FXX TV comedy series Man Seeking Woman with Jay Baruchel, which ran for three seasons. In addition to that, he had voice-over roles on Matt Groening's Netflix series Disenchantment and American Dad.

Andre also co-wrote Adult Swim comedy show Mostly 4 Millennials, which was created by comedian Derrick Beckles. Like The Eric Andre Show, Mostly 4 Millenials was a frantic, surreal talk show with awkward celebrity interviews and bizarre man on the street segments.

Derrick Beckles Confirmed The Eric Andre Show Season 5 Was Being Developed

the eric andre show

Mostly 4 Millenials creator and host Derrick Beckles is also a writer on The Eric Andre Show, and he confirmed in a 2018 interview that a fifth season was being developed. Beckles also stated they were working on another project before season 5, so there's no currently no word on when the show will return to Adult Swim.

Andre himself also confirmed to a fan on Twitter that the show hasn't been canceled and they're just taking time to develop it. While the next season hasn't been officially confirmed it feels like a safe bet The Eric Andre Show season 5 will definitely happen. It seems unlikely the show will arrive in 2019, so sometime in 2020 is a realistic estimate.

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