'The Equalizer' Trailer: Denzel Kills in Sixteen Seconds

Denzel Washington in 'The Equalizer' (2014) trailer

The Equalizer is one franchise reboot that is likely to be received with much less rancor and resistance than most properties. After all, the CBS TV series from the mid-80s is not exactly a cultural mainstay, these days; people will probably see this new film (about a former government operative with a strange sense of morality) as yet another action-thriller from Denzel Washington and one of his director/collaborators - but that's enough of a selling point on its own.

In fact, Denzel has had a string of recent action-thriller hits (Safe House and 2 Guns) and the director he's collaborating with this time (Antoine Fuqua) just scored a hit in the genre with gritty throwback flick, Olympus Has Fallen. With Fuqua re-teaming with his Training Day leading man - and both of them currently on a hot streak of action-thriller filmmaking - one expects the results are going to be satisfying for fans of the genre. 

...And why should we expect anything less? The trailer above indicates that indeed, Fuqua has achieved yet another gritty action movie experience that feels like a throwback to the '90s era (with elements of Taxi Driver thrown in for good measure). The supporting cast is also made up of some impressive talent, including Chloe Grace Moretz (CarrieKick-Ass), Melissa Leo (Olympus Has Fallen), and Marton Csokas (Bourne Supremacy, Lord of the Rings) as the villain. That sounds like a good movie, on paper.

Denzel Washington in 'The Equalizer' (2014) trailer

Nothing more to report other than the fact that Denzel looks as badass as ever (even at his age) and that the character looks like a fitting update which will both honor and may even outdo the original version of Robert McCall, played by Ed Woodward in the CBS TV series. A lot of damage can get done in those sixteen seconds....


The Equalizer will be in theaters on September 26, 2014.

Source: EW

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