The Equalizer 2 Trailer: Denzel is Definitely Back

Denzel Washington is back as Robert McCall in the first trailer for The Equalizer 2. Throughout his remarkable career, Denzel has just about done it all. The exception though is that he's never done a sequel before. When The Equalizer hit theaters in 2014, there was finally hope that Denzel could have a franchise on his hands. Sony made that a reality by green lighting Equalizer 2, and bringing back director Antoine Fuqua in the process.

Taking a simple premise of a man looking to put an earlier life behind him, Equalizer brought McCall back into the world he wanted to leave. He successfully saved Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz) and got rid of the Russian threat to her life in that film. Now, however, there's another matter that demands for him to intervene.

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Sony released the first trailer for Equalizer 2 today. The trailer is a long time coming, especially considering the numerous release date changes the sequel has gone through already. Now set to hit theaters at the end of July, the first look at Denzel's sequel shows there's more fun to be had with this franchise yet.

For the first piece of marketing, the trailer for Equalizer 2 wastes no time showing what the sequel is all about. McCall is still as efficient as ever, dismantling a few bodyguards in roughly 10 seconds to open the trailer. It appears he hasn't completely retired after all and is spending his free time helping those in need. But, all of his good work isn't going unnoticed. McCall is also relieved to see Pedro Pascal's character, who looks to be more of an ally than a villain as initially reported. This could mean that Pascal's role changed, or that the trailer is cleverly editing around Pascal's turn as McCall's next foe.

Story aside, the trailer is a showcase for Fuqua's eye for action. All of the fight scenes look exceptional, and are just as visceral as they were in the first movie. The in-car fights look especially well-done, but McCall is also more than ready to get his hands dirty in any way he can. The high-level action should make for Equalizer 2 to be an appealing end of summer draw too. It opens against Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, but both are targeting completely different demographics. As long as Equalizer 2 delivers on a story perspective along with the action, then this could be a worthy project to serve as Denzel's first sequel.

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