The Equalizer 2: Two Men Arrested in On-Set Shooting

There has been a real life shooting on the set of The Equalizer 2. In 2014, Denzel Washington played the protagonist in a neo-noir action thriller called The Equalizer. Based on a television series of the same name which aired in the 1980s, The Equalizer told the story of Robert McCall, a skilled assassin who tried to go legit in order to keep a promise to his dead wife. But when he meets a teenage prostitute who is in danger and his coworkers at his new job are threatened, McCall uses his skills to take on both a corrupt police force and the Russian mob, in order to help people in need.

The first movie made sure to set up a possible sequel in its last moments. Realizing that his skills can be used to help people in trouble, McCall puts out an add referring to himself as The Equalizer and offering his services. Almost immediately he gets a client with a job for him. Since the first film was a financial success, grossing over $192 million worldwide - nearly four times its budget - the sequel was a sure thing before it was even announced.

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With a scheduled release in 10 months, the cast and crew of The Equalizer 2 are hard at work filming in Boston. Unfortunately AP News is reporting that there was a shooting today on the movie's set. Luckily, no one was killed and both shooters were arrested.

Filming was not going on at the time of the shooting, so Washington as well as most of the rest of the folks making the movie were safe. But two security guards were injured, though it sounds like their wounds are not life-threatening. Both guards, a 33-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman, have already been released from the hospital. Meanwhile, Dionte Martinez and Thomas Perkins - both 18 - were arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder, and gun offenses. At this time, it is not believed that the two guards were the intended targets.

Two security guards being shot while on the set of a movie sequel about a vigilante - who has quite a bit of skill with a gun himself - is certainly both ironic and unfortunate. At this time, the motives of the shooters are not known, and may have nothing at all to do with the movie. While everyone is okay, this incident is certainly a scary and upsetting one, especially coming so soon after the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. Whether this will mean any delays or complications for the filming of The Equalizer 2 remains to be seen.

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Source: AP News

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