'Zombieland' Writers Bringing Robot Apocalypse to Life with Sony's 'Epsilon'

Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick arrived on the scene in a big way with their 2009 smash, bringing to life one of the most fun visions of the apocalypse thus far (and creating one of the most surprising cameos in cinema history). However, the writing duo isn’t done ending the world just yet.

Sony Pictures has reportedly picked up Reese and Wernick’s sci-fi script Epsilon to the tune of around $1 million. In addition to crafting the script, Reese and Wernick will also produce the film. Read on for the premise.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter:

Epsilon is set after an initial robot rebellion ended in failure and Earth operates on almost no electronics. The remaining robots seek refuge on a space station and begin to raise their own human lab rats, which they train to act as their agents. The main character is a man who discovers he is more human than he thought.

'G.I. Joe: Retaliation'

While Epsilon’s sci-fi heavy material marks new territory for Reese and Wernick, there’s every chance that the story will feature just as much heart and cleverness as their work on Zombieland. The concept certainly has legs, and with the right approach to the material, the film could prove a significant hit for Sony (and possibly lead to a franchise of its own).

Speaking of sequels, there’s no  status update on when Reese and Wernick’s other high-profile projects – a prospective Zombieland sequel and a spinoff film for Marvel’s Deadpool – might hit theathers, but considering that those two have languished in development for years, there’s every chance that Epsilon might beat them to the punch.

Reese and Wernick also have the much-anticipated – and famously delayedG.I. Joe: Retaliation on its way to theaters next summer, and if that film takes off, perhaps the duo’s other projects – including Epsilon itself – will be able to more quickly make their way to production. Only time will tell.

Check Screen Rant for updates on Epsilon as it makes its way to production.

Source: THR

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