Stranger Things Producer Developing Haunted House Drama at The CW

Stranger Things producer and filmmaker Shawn Levy is working on a new, horror-themed TV series. Last year's surprise streaming hit returns to Netflix in all its creepy 80s sci-fi horror glory for season 2 on October 27. Levy, series producer and director of two upcoming episodes, hasn't been resting on his recent success. The prolific filmmaker, who founded production company 21 Laps back in 2005, continues to take on a variety of projects on both the big and small screen.

Levy and 21 Laps have built up a solid reputation with family movies like the Night at the Museum franchise and the Hugh Jackman-led Real Steel, as well as genre fare like Stranger Things and Best Picture nominee, Arrival. Their latest deal is for another genre series for network television.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Levy and his production company are putting together a psychological thriller for The CW, the network known for its teen melodramas and DC superhero line-up. Billed as a combination of Stanley Kubrick and Agatha Christie, new series Epiphany focuses on "a group of gifted strangers recruited to a Gilded Age mansion to solve a complex code that lies within the structure's walls."

Spenser Cohen, who also wrote upcoming feature film Extinction, will pen the script for Epiphany, alongside his producing partner Anna Halberg. Lee Toland Krieger (The Age of Adaline) will produce and, if the project gets to the next stage, direct the pilot. Krieger recently directed another pilot for The CW, a dramedy starring Lucy Hale called Life Sentence.

Epiphany has an intriguing plot and what could be a fantastic setting for a series. Gilded Age mansions sprung up at the end of the 19th century, as the post-war economic boom led the wealthy to splurge on giant, ornate homes packed with lush furnishings, art, and sculpture that advertised their success. The Agatha Christie pitch seems to imply the opulence remains intact, though it's always possible the series might up the spooky/melancholy factor by taking place in an abandoned or run-down estate.

What remains to be seen is how the show will be structured and unfold. Solving the home's secret could be an unattainable goal that stretches over a few years, or the true plot may involve the consequences of unlocking that code. Levy's Stranger Things could possibly stretch to five seasons, and it's likely The CW will be hoping that Epiphany will have enough lingering mysteries for similar longevity.

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Source: THR

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