Entourage: 10 Worst Episodes (According To IMDb)

HBO has been one of the best networks in terms of either comedy or dramas for as long as we can remember. From The Wire to The Sopranos, and then Game of Thrones, HBO has set the standard in which Cable TV is still trying to duplicate. When news came that they were bringing a show to life surrounding four friends who take Hollywood by storm, no one knew what to expect.

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What Entourage provided was a funny and at times serious look into what it might be like if yourself and three of your closest friends were given a rare chance to become a movie star. No training provided, just a blank check, plenty of women, and the space to have loads of fun. Here are the 10 worst episodes of Entourage according to IMDb.

10 Whiz Kid (Season 8, Episode 4) Rating 7.9

Ari's separation was a storyline that should have been written into the show a few seasons ago. What "Whiz Kid" tried to offer is a piece of comedy to take away from some of the darker moments Entourage found itself in during its final season. Vince is still in denial and instead of taking things to heart regarding the earlier suicide, the crew is telling jokes as if its a normal thing.

What makes this episode so wonderful for some fans is that it was co-written by Jerry Ferrara (Turtle). While his character is still struggling with personal growth, the original actor himself is having no such issues.

9 Sniff Sniff Gang Bang (Season 7, Episode 8) Rating 7.9

The downward spiral of Vince is just getting out of hand. Now, it's nothing wrong with dating a porn star but when she continues the theme of the destruction of a Hollywood star, there needs to be some guidance set in place. Sasha, despite her looks, has nothing but bad intentions.

Drama, often unemployed is still refusing to take jobs that could set his career back in motion. Turtle has to find capital to keep the Tequila company going and when it begins to look like a lost cause, Mark Cuban steps in and saves the day. Look at Turtle out here making major moves.

8 Tequila and Coke (Season 7, Episode 7) Rating 7.9

Vince is losing his mind, However, in Hollywood terms, Vince is taking it to another level. One episode he's passing out from going on an alcohol bender and in "Tequila and Coke" he's snorting coke as well. While this is going on, Ari is scrambling trying to make deals over tapes recorded at an interview.

In order to get the taps back, Ari has to get Lizzie a job at Warner Bros. Luckily for him, Dana is with it but the deal falls apart as the other moving parts are unable to do their job. Turtle is getting backlash from actually doing a great job. I can see why this made the worst episode list.

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7 Buzzed (Season 7, Episode 2) Rating 7.9

By Season 7, even diehard Entourage fans were getting a bit tired of the recyclable storylines. I mean, for Ari, it seems that he's the only one doing any real growing up. He still tends to shun his wife as he did this episode then he got the news that the NFL honchos were coming up to his office.

Vince is doing a little growing as he's not looking for everyone to make the big decisions for him. Turtle is looking to step out of his comfort zone but the problem, he has o idea what his own lane consists of. Drama is having issues when it comes to his career and goes to Eric for help. It's the same thing over and over, and yet, we still watch.

6 The Big Bang (Season 8, Episode 6) Rating 7.8

Drama, Dice, and CBS are at each other's throats over money. Dice wants a bigger piece of the pie and all Drama wants is his to succeed. So, when Dice doesn't get what he wants, he walks off the show and so does Drama. Back to being somewhat unemployed, Drama is putting his career in the hands of Dice.

Vince, going through some sort of crisis, realizes that he's a womanizer. So, he begins to track down all his ex's just to please himself. Turtle, still the sidekick is suddenly realizing he wants more out of his life. Eric is still treading water as he's done most of the show.

5 Running On E (Season 6, Episode 4) Rating 7.8

Turtle is venturing out on his own with his love interest. Johnny is finally getting a love interest--on his show and Eric, well, he's quietly becoming the boring version of Ari. As for Vince, he's told the movie is being delayed, which gives him a few months of downtime and in the process, he can't find anything to do.

For all the Friends fans, David Schwimmer makes an appearance (totally opposite of his famous Ross character) and steals the show during his time on screen. But other than that, "Running On E" offers few laughs except Ari have a geat man-to-man meeting in the car with Andrew.

4 Dominated (Season 3, Episode 3) Rating 7.8)

Vince is the new "hot guy" in Los Angeles after "Aquaman". How do the guys celebrate their friend's new stardom? You guessed it--a night on the town. With success comes leadership and responsibility. However, for friends straight out of NYC, this means looking out for friends who may not be the best people to have in their circle.

Their childhood friend Dom comes for a visit and from the moment he arrives, all trouble breaks loose. Against everyone's wishes, Vince hires Dom as head of security and it all goes wrong. As for Ari, he's trying got keep a child star away from his young daughter who swears she's in love with the next-door neighbor.

3 The Review (Season 1, Episode 2) Rating 7.8

What would become the norm in the morning, Drama is practicing lines while Turtle is the one with an ear to the ground and always has some sort of bad news. After the release of his new movie, Vince finds out that a critic has dubbed him a fly-by-night pretty boy while dragging the movie through the mud.

With so much negativity, the boys do what they do best--party. After being invited to a party thrown by Jessica Alba, the boys spend the night releasing themselves of the industry's stress. They awake to news that in New York, Vince is labeled as the next Johnny Depp.

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2 Entourage (Season 1, Episode 1) Rating 7.7

The issue with the "Pilot" episode is I still believe no one knew what to expect. Was it a terrible one? No. It was just the beginning of what the entire series was about. It starts off with Vincent Chase on the heels of the opening of his latest film-- "Head On". However, before that happens, he and his three best friends, Turtle, Eric, and brother Drama, talk abut attending their High School reunion.

While IMDb does not have this as one of their best episodes, "Entourage" did set the stage for all the classic Eric and Ari showdowns that would go on throughout the series. Listening to Eric causes Vince to lose out on a $4M payday to Colin Farrell.

1 Dramedy (Season 7, Episode 3) Rating 7.6

Can anyone save Drama's drowning career? Well, we can add another suitor to that list. Eric and Lloyd enlist a writer to come out of retirement to help expose Drama as one side funny and the other side serious. But that's the beauty of Johnny. He is indeed funny, especially when going back and forth with Turtle. So why hasn't that side been captured on-screen yet is what made Enoutage so weird and good at the same time?

On another note, Ari has much bigger plans than Hollywood. Never one to name drop anything regarding sports for most of the series, he now wants to own a sports team.

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