Entourage Has Correctly Predicted 4 Movies Now (But With Some Changes)

HBO's Entourage show has now correctly predicted four real-life movies since it ended, including the recently-released Ford v Ferrari.

Entourage Vincent Chase Real Movies

Despite being completely fictional, Entourage has correctly predicted four real-life movies now. Many of Vincent Chase's co-stars played versions of themselves on the show, and while the writers never tried to insert Chase into pre-existing movies, Hollywood has made a few quite similar to those from Entourage in the years since.

Hollywood has had a weird history with predicting future movies, TV shows, and events. While this has been mostly notable with animated shows like The Simpsons and South Park, Entourage has gotten in on the fun, too, which makes sense since Entourage is a series that takes place in - and focuses on - Hollywood itself.

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In Entourage, Adrian Grenier played Vincent Chase, a young actor who was on his way to super stardom and rightly achieved it. Of course, that meant him starring or taking part in several blockbuster movies. While those movies were all fictional, over time, they've slowly found their way into the real world thanks to real-life Hollywood versions.


Aquaman Jason Momoa Movie Poster Cropped

In Entourage season 2, Vincent Chase stars in a fictional adaptation of Aquaman. James Cameron directs the film, Mandy Moore is Aquagirl, and James Woods plays the villain Abaddon. In Entourage, Aquaman makes $116 million in ticket sales on its opening weekend, which in 2006 was the biggest film opening of all time. Unfortunately, Vincent backs out of the sequel, and Jake Gyllenhaal replaces him.

Over a decade later, Warner Bros. released a solo Aquaman movie. The real-life film got a much beefier actor in Jason Momoa and James Wan as the director. Instead of Mandy Moore, Momoa's love interest is Amber Heard, who is not Aquagirl but Mera – Aquaman's actual love interest and wife from the comics. The real-life Aquaman had a less impressive opening weekend – only $72 million – but Momoa has confirmed that, unlike Chase, he will return for the sequel.

Smokejumpers/Only The Brave

In season 5, Vincent Chase takes interest in an indie script called Nine Brave Souls, written about nine firefighters preparing to battle a massive forest fire. Edward Norton signs on and turns it into a big studio production, renaming it Smokejumpers. Chase takes the second lead to Norton, with Jason Patric in a supporting role. The fictional Verner Vollstedt directs (perhaps an homage to Werner Herzog), notably feuding with Chase and forcing the studio to shut down production before the film's completion.

In 2017, director Joseph Kosinski released an oddly similar film, right down to the title – Only The BraveLike the Entourage filmit follows an ensemble cast of firefighters (in this case, 20 instead of 9) who fight a massive fire, this one being the real Yarnell Hill Fire in 2013. The cast features an unquestioned star like Norton (Josh Brolin), a younger up-and-comer like Chase (Miles Teller), and a veteran actor like Patric (Jeff Bridges). Fortunately, Only The Brave had no notable on-set conflicts, and the film was actually released.

The Great Gatsby

After Smokejumpers is shut down, Vincent manages to land the role of Nick Carraway in Martin Scorsese's remake of The Great Gatsby. In 2013, just four years after the events in Entourage, another Great Gatsby movie came out in real life – this one directed by Baz Luhrmann. Tobey Maguire portrayed Nick Carraway in that film. Scorsese's film in Entourage was a modern retelling of the novel, set in New York City. Luhrmann's film, on the other hand, remained in 1929 and took place on Long Island. Also, unlike the Scorsese film, Luhrmann's product was divisive with critics. And while Chase's performance as Carraway revived his career, Maguire got mixed reviews, with some saying he was miscast.

Ferrari/Ford v Ferrari

The most recent Entourage movie to appear in real life is Vincent Chase's biopic about Italian race car driver and manufacturer Enzo Ferrari, titled Ferrari. The film was shot on location in Italy and is directed by Frank Darabont. In reality, Ford v Ferrari released in November 2019 and takes Vincent's protagonist and turns him into an antagonist. Shot from the American perspective by director James Mangold, Christian Bale and Matt Damon play an engineer-racing team, commissioned by Henry Ford II, that compete against the dominant Ferrari racing team in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It's never revealed if the race is a plot point in Vincent's Ferrari, but Enzo Ferrari appears as a character in Mangold's film, portrayed by Italian actor Remo Girone.


At this rate, Hollywood is probably not done with Entourage's filmography. The most likely next step would be an adaptation of Stan Lee's Air-Walker comic, which Vincent stars in during seasons 7 and 8. Considering every Marvel character under the sun has been adapted over recent years, we should expect an Air-Walker film very soon.

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