'Entourage' Movie Update: Creator Doug Ellin's Script Almost Finished

Writer Doug Ellin has provided a brief update on his script for the 'Entourage' feature film, which he reveals picks up six months after the events of the series' finale.

Entourage Movie Update

Last time audiences saw Vincent Chase and his affable chums on Entourage everything was all hunky-dory. Each and every character (even Johnny 'Drama' Chase) was on a path to success or happiness, and audiences who had experienced the series' ups and downs were mostly left satisfied with how things ended.

But, with talk of a movie still rolling around, the finale also left fans wondering where creator Doug Ellin was looking to take the story from there. While we don't have any more concrete details about the story, Ellin has provided an update on the Entourage script, which he is looking to complete very soon.

In a series of e-mail conversations between Ellin and Deadline, the Entourage creator reveals he is on page 110 of the script and should (hopefully) be finished by this Sunday. Although Ellin is still developing projects for Entourage's home network HBO, he says he has been receiving significant pressure from the show's former producers, its stars, and even agent Ari Emanuel to finish.

Of course, after spending "10 years of [his] life" working on Entourage, Ellin is due for a break, but that apparently isn't sitting well with producer Mark Wahlberg, who has been pushing Ellin to finish the script every time he sees him. While we're sure (or we hope) that Ellin is joking, he says that whenever he encounters Wahlberg, the actor says he is going "to kill [him] if [he] doesn't write faster." Just to hammer the point home, Wahlberg also boasts he's made five movies this year while Ellin was writing just one.

Though fans now know where Ellin is at in terms of his screenwriting, they still don't know where Entourage's main characters will be when the movie begins. Ellin was willing to share that the film picks up six months after the show's (arguably) saccharine finale. He adds that there have been significant developments with Ari Gold's role as a new studio head, but that's only the early part of the script.

Additionally, Ellin promises that most of the show's drinking and partying will be well preserved for the feature, and that Vinny Chase and Co. have remained good friends despite the recent developments in their lives.

Cast of Entourage

Beyond talk of a potential story, the real question is whether or not Entourage's 30-minute format can work when blown up into a 90 to 120-minute feature film - in movie theaters. In the latter part of the Entourage run, Vincent Chase's arc took a much more serious turn, a move that turned off many of the show's core fans. However, if Ellin wants to make a compelling movie, there's going to need to be a significant dose of that type of conflict, a narrative balance that the show struggled to find.

Even though Ellin is almost finished with the script for the Entourage movie, HBO remains resolute in their decision to evaluate it first before moving forward. They, like some fans, clearly have some apprehensions about Entourage being able to transition from TV series to movie, even though it worked well for their first Sex and the City film.

For now, it's up to Ellin to put the finishing touches on the script. Then fans can begin eagerly anticipating a big screen reunion for Vinny, Drama, Turtle, and E.


Source: Deadline

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