HBO Says Series Creator is Working on the 'Entourage' Movie Script

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HBO's hit bromance comedy series Entourage wrapped up its eighth and final season last September. However, there has been talk of a feature film for years now - and that speculation only increased after the show's official ending. Updates on the Entourage movie have been sporadic at best, with some of the prominent players in front of and behind the show's cameras hinting that a movie is still a very realistic possibility, including executive producer Mark Wahlberg, whose life Entourage is loosely based on.

The biggest unknown for an Entourage movie has to be the actual story, as it's unclear what direction the film would take. Well, there apparently is a story, as co-president of HBO programming, Michael Lombardo, told reporters at the Television Critics Association's press tour - a script is indeed in the works.

According to Lombardo:

"[Creator] Doug [Ellin], as of this week, is on page 65 [of the] film's script, and he's excited about it."

Lombardo later elaborated, noting that there's only been a "very generic pitch" for the movie, and that they'll have to see if there's any interest from the cast "after we look at a script."

On the one hand, it's certainly encouraging to hear the wheels are in motion on the film, but on the other hand, it definitely sounds like things are still in the opening stages and there isn't much in place yet to guarantee the movie will actually get made. Still, Ellin's involvement has to be encouraging for fans, as the entire series was really his brainchild  - and his enthusiasm for the property should help things advance to the next phases (pitching the script, specifically), as opposed to the project falling into development limbo.

Knowing Ellin has a story in mind certainly makes us wonder what tale he hopes to tell. Would the movie pick up right where the show left off?

Warning the remainder of the article contains Entourage TV series spoilers! If you do not want to be spoiled look away now!



While one could argue the show ended with satisfying conclusions to each of the key characters arcs, there's certainly much more that could be explored with Vincent Chase and his pals. Are Vince and Sophia a happily married couple? How are Eric and Sloan doing? Is Johnny Drama still riding high with Johnny's Bananas? What's Turtle up to now that he's a millionaire? And what about Ari, who received a very, very lucrative career offer at the tail end of the final season?

While still on great terms with one another, all of the main character stories were resolved - so what would it take to bring them all back together for more shenanigans and brotherly-like love?


We'll be sure to keep you posted on any and all updates on the Entourage movie.

Source: TV Line

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