'Entourage' Cast Members & Creator Confirm Movie Is Coming; Could Shoot in January

Entourage movie

Back in January, fans of HBO's Entourage rejoiced when they heard that the long-promised film had been greenlit by Warner Bros. However, production on the project was once again delayed when casting negotiations stalled for several months. It appeared that the movie might be in development hell forever, but according to cast members and the show's creator, Doug Ellin, things are back on track now.

In an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show on Monday, Jerry Ferrara - who played Turtle on the series - said that the film was "actually kind of on schedule, believe it or not" and that actors' deals could be finalized Monday night, which they apparently were, as Ellin and Ferrara took to Twitter late Monday night to announce the film was "a go." Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase) also confirmed the news on his Facebook page and changed his cover photo to a picture of the cast.

Check out the tweets from Ellin and Ferrara below:

I am proud to announce the #Entourage movie is officially a GO! Have to thank @wbpictures and @HBO for all the support to make this happen!

— Jerry Ferrara (@jerrycferrara) October 29, 2013

It's a go. love you all.

— Doug Ellin (@mrdougellin) October 29, 2013

While we have yet to hear an official announcement from the studio, Ferrara told Williams and her audience that the plan is to start shooting in January. Considering all of the project's delays, it would be easy to be skeptical about the film staying on schedule, but with the cast confirming they're in, maybe we can believe it this time?

Following the success of the series - which ran for eight seasons from 2004-2011 - landing the returning cast seemed to be the film's biggest hurdle, especially considering Warner Bros. originally wanted the movie's budget to be no larger than $30 million. However, now that the money issue seems to have been resolved, it looks like Entourage fans will finally get the film version of their beloved show.

Entourage Movie

Now the biggest remaining questions about the Entourage film are: Will those fans turn out for the movie? And will the show play the same way on the big screen?

Considering the show still seems to have a loyal fanbase that has been constantly clamoring for the movie to be released, we can reasonably expect many of the series' supporters to show up for the film. But as far as whether Entourage will make for a good movie, we're a little more unsure.

Having Ellin, the show's creator, signed on as the writer/director ensures the film will retain the show's signature guy humor and character dynamics, but successfully converting a half-hour dramedy into a feature film could prove to be challenging - especially in Entourage's case, since story and plot were not always its strong suits.

Are you excited for Entourage to finally hit the big screen? Let us know in the comments.


We'll pass along more updates on the Entourage movie as they come in.

Sources: Jerry Ferrara, Doug Ellin & Adrian Grenier

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