'Entourage' Movie Gets Green Light, Headed Into Production

Entourage Movie

Most fans of the HBO series Entourage - which ran 8 seasons from 2004 to 2011 - began craving a feature-film-length version of the show when rumors starting swirling about the possibility a few years back. Then after cast members and executive producer Mark Whalberg  said they would be on board when a script was finished by creator and head writer Doug Ellin, fans really started to get revved up about the idea.

It certainly took long enough, but with some encouragement and friendly nudging from Whalberg for Ellin to finish the script for the Entourage film,  it's finally been completed and the Entourage movie has officially received the go-ahead to enter production.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. gave the project a green light just last night. Doug Ellin has signed on to direct the film and cast members Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase), Kevin Dillon (Johnny "Drama" Chase), Kevin Connolly (Eric "E" Murphy), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) and Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold) are all currently negotiating their respective deals with the studio to officially climb on board.

We can also (fairly safely) assume that supporting players Rex Lee (who played Drama's agent) Emmanuelle Chriqui (who played E's on-again-off-again girlfriend-turned-fiance) and Rhys Coiro (who played the gang's frequent collaborator director pal) are not far behind from joining the film's cast as well. Although the show really revolved around the main entourage, these characters were  integral in moving everyone's careers forward in most episodes.

As with most series finales, the final episode of Entourage got a mixed reception, but for many it ended on a feel-good note and still left the door open for a film. When we last saw Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and Ari, life was good, relationship wounds were (for the most part) healed and careers were taking off. The only cliffhanger was the question: Would Ari take the chairman and CEO position with Time Warner? On the one hand, it would make him more powerful in Hollywood than ever before - but on the other hand, it could cause a rift in his marriage and keep him away from his family. That decision could affect all the characters in the film and provide the conflict that the movie will ultimately need.

Although there is no production start date yet, the news is immensely encouraging and incredibly exciting for fans of the show. Of course, there is some apprehension as to how the movie will actually turn out, but there's no doubt that most Entourage supporters can't wait to see their old friends on the screen again - the big screen, at long last.


We'll keep you updated on the status of the Entourage movie.

Source: Deadline 

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