Entourage: Bob Saget Returns WITH John Stamos!

With a couple of months left until the seventh season of Entourage premieres, it hasn’t been easy to find out information, let alone whether or not fan favorite Bob Saget will returning. Finally, someone broke their silence and now we know that not only will Bob Saget be returning, but he’ll be bringing along his Full House co-star, John Stamos.

For those looking, this might be as close as you’ll get to a Full House reunion, but don’t think that this will be anything the children can watch as Bob Saget and John Stamos will spend this season being at war with the eldest Chase brother, Drama.

Fear not Vincent Chase fans, there’s also some news about what your favorite aquatic superhero will be up to this season. It looks like he’ll be signing on to star in an apocalyptic drama. No news as to what Ari’s going to be up to, but I'm assuinge that it’ll involve a lot of swearing.

I’m still wondering how they’re going to work with the Lloyd Lee becoming an agent. I hope that we won’t lose the humor that he brought as the whipping boy assistant.

Still, things aren’t all good on the Entourage front as Spike TV’s re-airings of the HBO series have bombed in the ratings. After Spike outbid everyone to pick up the cable rights to the tune of $600,000 an episode for 78 episodes (46.8 million), you would think that they would outperform say…. A Japanese ninja game show?

Nope! Entourage is only pulling in 630,000 viewers, which is down 15% compared to reruns of Ultimate Fight Unleashed.

I had no idea that Entourage was even aired on regular cable. I wonder how they’re deal with the language. Maybe I’ll have to be one of the 630,000 to check it out.

What do you think of Bob Saget returning and bringing along with him John Stamos? Am I the only one that thinks John Stamos can do no wrong? How long is it going to take for someone to comment “Have Mercy?”

…the clock starts now.

Make sure to check out this new season of Entourage when it premieres this summer on HBO.

Source: E! Online & Hollywood Reporter

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