Entertainment Tonight On Set of 'Resident Evil: Afterlife'

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Entertainment Tonight recently visited the set of the Resident Evil: Afterlife and came away with a little of everything. While the main focus of the fourth Resident Evil's marketing seems to promote its use of James Cameron's 3D technology seen in Avatar, ET's interviews with cast members gave the actors a chance to speak for themselves. In 90 seconds, we get insight into life with the film's star (and director's wife) Milla Jovovich, as well as Shawn Roberts take on his own character of Albert Wesker, the movie's main villain.

The most promising aspect of Resident Evil: Afterlife is not necessarily the 3D, although that does make the experience more appealing, but rather the reuniting of Anderson as director and Jovovich in the lead. While the franchise has been in Jovovich's hands and stayed afloat, many fans would argue neither sequel came close to match the original.

If there's one thing Anderson can raise his hand high for in his short resume as a film director, it is Resident Evil. Having said all that, who knows where the franchise goes from here considering a reboot is already in the works for the fifth installment.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Wentworth Miller as Chris Hadfield vs. Albert Wesker

The first film of the story came from a video game by the same title and still remains arguably one of the better game crossover films to date. Ali Larter, far removed from her whipped cream bikini days of Varsity Blues, reprises her role as bad-ass Claire Redfield from the third installment. She mentioned just how difficult it can be shooting in 3D, even with the payoff.

"It takes three times as long to shoot anything, but it actually looks incredible."

What makes Afterlife even better is the increased relevance to the game franchise. The addition of Albert Wesker, a character whose moments in the trailers seem directly taken from the latest franchise video game, Resident Evil 5, gives the movie the villain it needs - Just as what our own Rob Keyes said they should do with the Afterlife when it was announced last year. In the interview segment from ET, Wesker talked about what he brings to the film.

"He is the evil in Resident Evil...hell-bent on taking over the world and making sure that Alice is under his thumb."

The footage from trailers does look great and the technical side of the production can be vouched for as a legitimate use of technology. All that is left is telling a compelling story and the Resident Evil franchise may go back to its roots and stay alive even longer. The Entertainment Tonight set visit proved the cast and crew work as a cohesive unit and had plenty of fun on set. The light-hearted bunch doesn't seem to bring a dark, brooding attitude to the production, regardless of the gore surrounding them.


Are you excited for the fourth Resident Evil? Does the use of a 3D camera make it more appealing? Should Ali Larter fight in a whipped cream bikini? Let us know your thoughts in the comments board below.

Resident Evil: Afterlife hits theaters September 10, 2010. Anderson mentioned he will present plenty of news and footage from the film at the San Diego Comic-Con in late July.

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