Enter The Screen Rant Suggestion Contest!

Hey, here's a chance for you to make Screen Rant a cooler place to visit, and to win something at the same time!

I am forever on the lookout for ways to make a better movie and TV site. I want to make it a place that you'll want to come back to more often. A place that you'll enjoy so much that you'll want to tell your friends about it and have them become regular visitors as well.

So I figure what better way to do that than to ask YOU what you'd like to see on the site?

I mean if I want to make it more interesting to you, I figure you're the folks to ask, right? :-)

So here's the deal: Give me your suggestions below via a comment and I will randomly draw one person's name and I'll email the winner a $20 gift certificate. I will also send a $20 gift certificate to the person that I think makes the best suggestion (this is very subjective and is completely my call). Of course you'll need to provide an email address that's valid to be selected as the winner.

The sky is the limit on suggestions... for example you could tell me if you want:

- More articles

- What kinds of articles (reviews, news, editorials, features, other?).

- What movies/TV shows you'd like to see covered more in depth.

- What other features you'd like to see on the site (latest movie posters, more trailers, upcoming movie release dates, etc.)

- What don't you like or would prefer different on the site?

Don't limit yourself to what I just listed above. There may be things that you'd like to see or changes made that haven't even occurred to me.

You are free to comment more than once but I will only count each email address as one entry even if you leave multiple comments.

If you're one of the "silent majority" that reads the site but never comments, this is the time to speak your mind. And hey, email your friends and tell them to participate as well, they don't have to be current readers of the site. 20 bucks at will come in handy this close to Christmas. :-)

The contest ends at midnight EST on November 30th.

Thanks, and I look forward to your suggestions!

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