'Enormous' TV Mini-Series Adaptation in Development

Enormous Comic

After the success of 24: Live Another Day, many studios are beginning to see value in “event series,” which of course is just a fancy way of saying "mini-series" for American television. If executed properly, these one-off “events” have a real chance to connect with audiences and lay the ground work for bigger show runs (and advertising dollars). So of course that’s why today we have news of another one in development - Enormous.

Following its success of its web-series adaptation, 20th Century Fox Television, New Regency and Prime Universe Films have teamed up to turn the comic book title into a show for a yet to be named network – at the moment, it doesn’t appear one is lined up at all.

Here's the synopsis according to Deadline's report:

Set in the near future, the comic book series finds the world suffering a planetary resource crisis when a vast ecological cataclysm spawns The Enormous, massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Displaced from atop the food chain, humankind struggles to stave off extinction, and a shattered society scrambles for refuge in the wake of the monstrous rampage. Ellen Grace, a former school teacher who lost everything in the uprising, leads a search and rescue team into the ruins of the city in hopes of locating children orphaned by the cataclysm. But not all the remaining humans seek salvation, and in a world dominated by monsters, man is still the most dangerous animal.

As indicated, last year the title was adapted in a short lived web-series for Machinema, written by Trollhunter’s André Øvredal and directed by BenDavid Grabinski. At the moment, it appears the duo have no involvement in the upcoming television adaptation - that currently has no showrunner lined up - which is being executive produced by Andrew Poltkin of New Regency TV and Prime Universe’s Adrian Askarieh.

Enormous Comic

Considering the popularity of the comic and web-series, it probably won’t be long until Enormous finds an airing network to call home, as well as the rest of its creative crew. What could pose a problem, however, is how well constructed the show can be on a television budget. Sure, the small screen has proven itself capable of great things (and surprisingly solid visual effects), but Enormous is titled appropriately for a reason. These monsters needs to be raw, real and most of all, big… really, really big. As a feature, we’d have no problem imaging a scenario where their scale feels authentic. But in television, it's going to be harder to pull off than some might imagine.

It can work, and the idea is cool enough. But the show will need a large amount of resources, and the right guiding hand to pull it off. Who that is, is anyone’s guess… but there are various members of the TV writing community that would jump at the chance to take this one on, and hopefully they will.


Stay tuned for more on Enormous as it develops.

Source: Deadline

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