Helena Bonham Carter Cast in Enola Holmes Movie Adaptation

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Legendary’s adaptation of Enola Holmes has cast Helena Bonham Carter. Penned by Nancy Springer, the young adult novels spanned six volumes and follows Enola Holmes, the fourteen-year-old sister of established detective Sherlock Holmes. Recently, it was announced that Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown has been tapped to play Enola.

Borrowing characters and settings from the canon of Sherlock Holmes, the Enola Holmes series centers on Enola, who calls upon her elder brother’s help after ascertaining that their mother has vanished. Beginning with The Case of the Missing Marquess, Enola is distressed by her mother’s disappearance and escapes her home when Sherlock and Mycroft plan to send her to boarding school. Enola’s sleuthing skills rival Sherlock’s and leads to her solving numerous missing person cases while eluding her brothers’ efforts to recapture her. No stranger to the big or small screen, English actress Bonham Carter has been revered for her work in Fight Club, Harry Potter, Ocean’s Eight, and The King’s Speech - which earned her an Academy Award nomination. The versatile actress is now set to play a pivotal role in one of Legendary’s most anticipated projects.

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According to THR, Bonham Carter will play the mother of Enola, Mycroft, and Sherlock Holmes. In the book series, her role is crucial as she disappears on Enola’s birthday and leaves behind elaborate ciphers for her daughter to discover. Given Legendary's intention to create a franchise, there is ample room for Bonham Carter’s character to appear and set the plotline into motion. Bonham Carter cast as Brown’s parent allows for shared screen time between the emotion-evoking actresses, and provides a fresh look at the notorious Sherlock Holmes adventures. Reportedly, filming is slated to begin this summer after Brown completes production as Madison Russell in Legendary’s Godzilla vs. Kong.

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Enola Holmes is in the hands of producers Brown, Paige Brown, Alex Garcia, and Ali Mendes. Esteemed director Harry Bradbeer (Killing Eve, Fleabag) has been tapped to helm the project. Jack Thorne, best known for his play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and penning His Dark Materials, wrote the screenplay. As production gets closer, more details will unravel, including the casting choices of Sherlock and Mycroft. Bonham Carter’s impressive list of credits continues to expand as she will voice All-Maudra in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistanceand play the complex Princess Margaret in the upcoming season 3 of The Crown.

Bonham Carter is one of the most spellbinding performers of her generation. Tackling characters, monologues, and versatility with ease, her performance will be an asset to the Enola Sherlock story - no matter if it is in one scene or several. Given’s Bonham Carter’s ability to inhabit her roles, and to the surroundings of her character, she’s the perfect choice to bring the mysterious mother of Enola and Sherlock Holmes to life. No doubt, she will contribute to the mystery, and perhaps mystery-solving, of Enola Holmes.

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Source: THR

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