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Well I'm not sure how this happened exactly, but has nominated Screen Rant as one of what they consider to be the five most influential movie blogs.

I'll tell you right now that I know we don't have a chance in hell of beating out the other four (most of whom are friends of mine), but it's an honor (and a surprise!) to even have been nominated.

Also nominated were /,, and, all sites I read regularly.

We're not really a movie news site - we provide editorials and analysis on what's going on in the movie and TV world. We've been accused in the past of not being "objective," to which my reply is: Duh. That's not the point of Screen Rant at all.

So if you appreciate the fine staff of writers that we've put together and the fact that you can have civilized, intelligent discussion here with no fear of trolls, general idiocy or personal attacks, please head over to TotalFilm and vote for us!

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Or heck, vote right here... :-)

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