Enemy of the State Sequel TV Series in the Works at ABC

Enemy of the State ABC Sequel TV Series

Originally released in 1998, the Tony Scott (Top Gun) directed thriller Enemy of the State stars Will Smith (Suicide Squad) and Gene Hackman (Unforgiven) as two characters caught up on a conspiracy involving an attempted assassination of a a prominent U.S. Congressman (by a group of National Security Agency co-conspirators). Hailed at the time as a moderate critical success and subsequently substantial box office draw, Scott's mid-career directorial outing has since remained among the better works of his collective filmography.

In the time since the movie first saw release in theaters, its central premise surrounding federal level government conspiracy, international terrorism, and domestic surveillance would seem to be a more relevant topic than ever, and as such a reboot or sequel of some kind might appear attractive to any number of interested Hollywood parties. As fate would have it, the latest word has a TV series sequel to Enemy of the State in the works at a major basic cable network, with a few noted talents attached.

According to Deadline, a sequel TV series to Enemy of the State is currently in the works at ABC with returning producer Jeremy Bruckheimer onboard, alongside Jerry Bruckheimer Television representatives Jonathan Littman and KristieAnne Reed. Morgan Davis Foehl will serve as head writer and co-executive producer following his work on the like-minded Michael Mann film, Blackhat.

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Standing as the first time that Bruckheimer will have crossed paths with ABC since he initially optioned the smash hit police-procedural CSI to the network back in 2000, Enemy of the State will stand as the first Bruckheimer Television production since the producer's exit from working with Warner Bros. TV. Granted, the original film was produced by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, so the fact that the company affiliated television studio ABC would be plugged to produce a sequel TV series isn't all that surprising.

The fact that the original Enemy of the State movie managed to net a grand total of $250 million in ticket sales at the box office, speaks to the property's appeal to a mainstream audience. Furthermore, with Foehl's past track record as an experienced writer of taut political thrillers, ABC might just have a minor hit on their hands when the new TV show based on Tony Scott's original film sees its premiere on basic cable - presumably, within the next one to two years.

Screen Rant will bring you more details on the Enemy of the State sequel TV series as they become available.

Source: Deadline

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