The Endless Mission Already Looks Sweet, Now It Will Sound Sweeter

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The upcoming sandbox-style creation game from E-Line Media, The Endless Mission, announced that it won't lack for voice acting talent with the addition of Laura Bailey and Jennifer Hale. E-Line Media is a BAFTA award-winning studio most famous for publishing Never Alone, a puzzle-platforming game based on a traditional Iñupiaq story that wowed audiences for its combination of strong gameplay and attention to detail.

The Endless Mission is an even more ambitious project that looks to create a mind-wrenching experience for players - the kind that leaves them wondering where the original creator's intent ended and their own interpretation of the game began. That's largely based on the fact that it will let players occupy the role of a game dev themselves while playing, with one of the most exciting features being the ability to change the game code mid-play to better suit a players needs. Players will be able to alter the effects of spells, for instance, or create their own. The Endless Mission will even let players modify enemy skills, making it feel as though someone gave life to a Skyrim mod hub and splayed it out for them to play with at their leisure.

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The Endless Mission may be straying far from the beaten path when it comes to its own design, but E-Line Media announced today that it would be leaning on veterans of the gaming industry's voice acting ranks. The Endless Mission will play host to the talents of Laura Bailey, famous for roles such as Rise in Persona 4 and Kait Diaz in Gears of War 4. Joining her will be Jennifer Hale, the voice behind female Commander Shephard in Mass Effect, as well as Alix Wilton Regan (Assassin's Creed Origins), Sara Amini (Anthem) and Courtenay Taylor (Resident Evil).

That cast should help bring some more interest in The Endless Mission, a game that may have flown under the radar for many consumers after the E3 2019 blitz created hype for several AAA releases later this year. While it's been in open beta for some months now, the game will also be working on visual upgrades to accompany the casting announcement.

Games like The Endless Mission always feel dreamy and overly ambitious right up until the point they're not anymore and they're suddenly all consumers are talking about. While it would be too bold at this point to suggest the game could be the next Minecraft, it's certainly got the same vibe to some of its emphasis on creation. With an impressive array of voice-acting talent lending their skills to the narrative beats of the journey, The Endless Mission will be one to watch as it continues to develop.

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