Endgame Theory: Thor & Rocket Leave The Avengers For Asgard

Avengers: Endgame could begin with Thor and Rocket on another side mission - to find the surviving Asgardian refugees. The first trailers for Avengers: Endgame have made it clear that Thanos' victory has left the Avengers reeling. Steve Rogers is shaken to his core, presumably suffering from PTSD, and seeking help in a recovery group. Black Widow is steely and determined, honing her skills. Hawkeye has gone rogue as Ronin, and Tony Stark and Nebula are still in the depths of space, desperately trying to survive on a drifting spaceship with life support about to give out.

No doubt Thor is particularly shaken by Thanos' triumph. He already seemed to be suffering himself in Avengers: Infinity War, having lost so much over the last few months; his homeworld, his people, his friends, his brother, his father, and even the mighty Mjolnir. Making matters worse, Thor was the only one who had a chance to stop Thanos, but he chose not to go for the head, a split-second decision that cost the universe everything. Thor unwittingly gave Thanos the chance to snap his fingers, and erase half the life in the universe. The God of Thunder, protector of the Nine Realms, failed in his duty. That certainly explains why the first Avengers: Endgame trailer included a brief shot of Thor seated in a corner, grieving.

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It looks as though Avengers: Endgame will begin with the Avengers scattered, with each one struggling to process what has happened. And it appears that Thor and Rocket may be elsewhere, performing yet another quest of their own. So what's going on with Thor and Rocket at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame?

Thor & Rocket Aren't With The Avengers... But May Be Elsewhere

Rocket in Avengers Endgame

Most of the Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl TV Spot was concerned with New York, with Steve Rogers attending a support group and Black Widow in the Avengers Compound. But Thor and Rocket were seen in a mysterious, mountainous location; both shots appear to correspond to the area around St. Abbs, a remote Scottish village which was briefly taken over by Marvel Studios in May 2017. And if the two scenes were shot in the same location, it's entirely possible that Thor and Rocket are together. Notice that no other Avengers are seen in this location, which suggests they've gone off on their own - either to grieve, or on another side mission.

It's important to remember that Thor now wields Stormbreaker, a weapon so powerful that it can actually summon the Bifrost. Stormbreaker can open Einstein-Rosen Bridges that transports Thor and his allies across the entire galaxy; that means if Thor and Rocket have separated from the rest of the Avengers, they don't even have to be on Earth. They could have gone elsewhere.

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Is Thor In An Asgardian Structure?

Thor with Stormbreaker in Avengers Endgame

But where could Thor and Rocket be? Neither shot is particularly helpful in giving a sense of place. In the case of Thor, the God of Thunder appears to be walking out of some sort of alien-like structure. It's difficult to say for certain, but the design is either Asgardian or evocative of it, thus suggesting it was built by an advanced race of some kind. Notice that, barring editing on Marvel's part, Thor is alone as he walks out of this mysterious structure.

Meanwhile, Rocket is entering a ramshackle wooden cabin. The background is unclear, but it looks as though someone has set up some kind of wire run in which to keep animals. There's a clear disparity between the levels of technology in the two images; one seems to be high-tech, the other is an attempt by someone to do the best they can with what's at hand. One may be Asgardian, the other could be put together by just about anybody.

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