'Endangered Species' Update: Roth Wants Pitt And Brolin

After making a name for himself in the horror genre first with Cabin Fever and then two Hostel movies, Eli Roth is now trying his hand at a different (but not always unrelated) genre, with a sci-fi movie called Endangered Species. Not much is known about the project at this point in time other than the name; that it's apparently going to be made in the $60 million budget range; and that Roth wants to make a movie where he can really destroy a lot of stuff on-screen.

To give us a little bit (albeit not that much) of an update on Endangered Species, Roth spoke with at the Syfy Entertainment Weekly party. He spoke about what he has in mind for his first sci-fi movie and revealed he wants it to be in the vein of Jurassic Park, Transformers and Cloverfield, saying that it's, "scary but also PG-13 - it does not necessarily need to be gory."

I'm liking the sound of that last part...

Roth also revealed that there's not going to be a giant monster as there is in, say, Cloverfield - Endangered Species will be a little more grounded (in real life?) than that. His aim for the movie: to make people feel like what they see on-screen (the "mass destruction") is one of the craziest things they've ever witnessed.

With regards to who he'd like to cast in the movie, a couple of interesting and big names came up: Brad Pitt and Josh Brolin. Here's the exact quote from the interview:

"There are certain people that I really want to work with. But we'll see. I'm writing the parts with certain people in mind and we'll see if they do it.. Well there's this guy Brad I just worked with, it would be wonderful to work with him again. Josh Brolin I'd love to work with him. Big fan of Josh and we [like] each other's work and have been looking for something to do together. I like to write parts for the people I like and see if they're available."

For the full video interview with Eli Roth you can head over to io9.

As you probably already know, Roth (in his first proper acting role) stars in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Inglourious Basterds along with Brad Pitt, so I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that we might see Pitt turn up in Endangered Species. Also, Josh Brolin starred in Robert Rodriguez's half of Grindhouse, Planet Terror, of which Roth's faux trailer for Thanksgiving was a part. So it's not impossible that Brolin could take a role in this mysterious sci-fi movie as well.

As much as I'm not a fan of Roth as a director (I hate his Hostel movies, particularly), I must admit I'm looking forward to what he's got in store for us with his first sci-fi movie. Of course we don't know what the hell Endangered Species is all about just yet - but nonetheless, it's interesting to see a director to take a sharp turn into another genre when they've only worked in one for the most part.

What do you think about the possibilities of Brad Pitt and Josh Brolin starring in Eli Roth's first sci-fi movie?

Endangered Species is currently in the development stages, but Roth has mentioned a release of sometime in 2011.

Source: io9

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