Fans Call Out New Kickstarter Game for Looking an Awful Lot Like Cuphead

A trailer for a new Kickstarter project called Enchanted Portals has been revealed and fans are accusing the game of being a rip-off of Cuphead.

Enchanted Portals Cuphead Cover

A trailer has been revealed for an upcoming video game called Enchanted Portals that bears more than a passing resemblance to Cuphead and fans have been calling out the developers on social media for stealing the concept of their game. Cuphead is a run and gun platformer that was released for Windows and Xbox One in 2017, which had earned a tremendous amount of buzz before release due to how its graphics resembled the animated movies that were made by Fleischer Studios and Walt Disney Animation in the '30s.

Cuphead quickly earned a reputation for its brutally difficult gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and raucous soundtrack, making it a popular choice for streamers around the world. Cuphead was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, which marked the beginning of a new collaborative relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo.

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A trailer was recently uploaded to social media for an upcoming video game called Enchanted Portals, which the developers want to fund with the aid of a Kickstarter campaign. The trailer was put on the official Twitter account for Enchanted Portals and it quickly drew a lot of attention from people online who noticed its similarities to Cuphead. It didn't take long for the comments on the video to be swarmed with angry responses from Cuphead fans, who believe that Enchanted Portals is stealing the aesthetic and gameplay style of Cuphead. The reaction to Enchanted Portals has even led to Cuphead trending on Twitter.

The trailer for Enchanted Portals on Twitter has been viewed over one million times and has received over three thousand comments, many of which are accusing the developers of plagiarising Cuphead's art style and gameplay. The fans are still impressed by the quality of the visuals of Enchanted Portals, but its resemblance to Cuphead is so blatant that even the positive comments mention the similarities between the two games. The trailer doesn't mention any potential release dates for Enchanted Portals, but it might end up competing with the upcoming Delicious Last Course DLC for Cupheadwhich has been delayed to 2020.

The run and gun gameplay style has been around since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, as games like Contra worked in a similar manner to Cuphead. The real reason why fans believe Enchanted Portals is stealing from Cuphead is due to its aesthetics, as it uses the same '30s cartoon style, except with a fantasy twist. Cuphead was released two years ago, but it's still very much in the attention of the media, as there is a Cuphead animated series being developed by Netflix. The Kickstarter page for Enchanted Portals has yet to go live as of the time of writing but it has earned a considerable amount of attention from the gaming media already. It just remains to be seen if the widespread reaction leads to Enchanted Portals being funded or rejected by fans.

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Source: Enchanted Portals/Twitter

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