'Enchanted 2' Moving Forward With 'Shrek 2' Writers

'Enchanted 2' is going ahead and Disney has hired screenwriters J. David Stem and David N. Weiss (Shrek 2) to pen the script.

Amy Adams in Enchanted

Never let it be said that Disney is afraid to poke fun at its own tropes. Last year's animated hit Frozen subverted the studio's long-established ideas of love at first sight, and back in 2007 Amy Adams played a Disney princess in a fish out of water tale in the partially-animated, mostly live-action romantic comedy Enchanted.

It was the kind of premise that could easily have turned into something horrible and cringeworthy, but Enchanted ended up enchanting both critics and audiences, grossing a respectable $340 million at the worldwide box office. A lot has happened in the interim years (including Disney acquiring Marvel and therefore the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe), but now Disney is planning to continue the Enchanted story and reveal what happened after happily ever after.

Deadline reports that writing duo J. David Stem and David N. Weiss - who are best known for Shrek 2 and the Smurfs movies - have been hired to pen the screenplay for Enchanted 2, based an an earlier draft written by Jessie Nelson (Fred Claus). Although The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2 might not be the kind of credits that get people jumping for joy, Shrek 2 was a pretty great follow-up and is probably the best entry out of the many Shrek sequels and spin-offs. It's also worth remembering that Enchanted screenwriter Bill Kelly's only previous credits were forgettable supernatural drama Premonition and Brendan Fraser rom-com Blast From the Past.

In addition to hiring Weiss and Stem as writers, Disney has also tapped Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) to direct Enchanted 2. It's unclear whether the original cast - which also included Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel - will return, but Amy Adams in particular would probably be a big draw for fans of the first movie.

Enchanted 2 has a harder task to fulfil than its predecessor, since the premise of an irrepressibly effervescent fairy tale princess landing in New York has already been kind of played out. Hopefully the creative team that's been assembled will be able to produce something fresh and interesting, and Enchanted 2 won't end up joining the ranks of really terrible Disney sequels (looking at you, Cinderella 2)

We'll keep you updated on Enchanted 2 as development continues.

Source: Deadline

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