Enchanted 2 Still in Development; Currently Titled Disenchanted

Enchanted 2 still in development at Disney

Walt Disney Pictures continues to remake its backlog of classic animated movies and characters (see the upcoming The Jungle Book for the latest example), though one princess has been left out in the cold, up to this point. That would be Princess Giselle, who's been rumored to return in Enchanted 2 for years now - and according to the latest reports, may yet return to the big screen in the future.

Back in 2007, Enchanted became a big success for Disney with its $340 million worldwide box office earnings, and for its original story about an animated princess who makes the jump to live-action form after being transported to modern New York City. Serving both as an homage and a parody, Enchanted featured the acting talents of Amy Adams, who even sang her own songs in the movie. Despite its success, an announcement of a sequel was made over seven years later and Enchanted 2 appears to have made little progress since.

However, it sounds like Disney is changing its tune as Collider is now reporting that the studio are focusing their efforts to get the sequel back on track and moving forward. The House of Mouse reportedly wants to greenlight the project very soon and sources confirm that director Anne Fletcher (The Proposal, 27 Dresses) is still attached to the film.

Currently, the working title for the film is Disenchanted, but little else is known about the script or which cast members are returning for the sequel. Back in summer 2014, it was reported that J. David Stem and David N. Weiss (Shrek 2) had been recruited to put together a fresh script draft; we await clarification on whether their screenplay is going to be carried over or not, now that Disenchanted is apparently back in active development.

Amy Adams as Giselle from Enchanted

Since Enchanted, things have gotten fairly busy for Adams, as she has starred in quite the variety of noteworthy films these past few years - The Muppets, American Hustle, and Man of Steel, among others. Hopefully the actress will not too busy for the sequel, as her performance as Giselle elevated the movie overall - and it’s not like Enchanted fans are clamoring solely for the return of ex-Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey.

However, it’s stands to be cautious with this Enchanted sequel update. After all, Disney recently seemed to be all but ready to move forward with TRON 3, only to pull the plug before production was supposed to get underway this fall. It’s far too soon to tell if Disney will end up doing the same on the Enchanted followup, but until more information is released at least you can get “How Do You Know” stuck in your head all over again.

We’ll keep you updated on Enchanted 2/Disenchanted as more details become available.

Source: Collider

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