13Anthony LaPaglia (Joe Reeves)

Anthony LaPaglia Then And Now

The ultimate cool boss, Joe, was somewhere between a friend and a father figure to the staff of Empire. By the time he starred in the movie, he already had a solid acting career behind him, although Joe remains one of his most recognizable roles. Since then, he has

been in a huge variety of projects, and is probably best known for his starring role in Without A Trace for most of the ‘00s.

Over the years, he’s won a variety of acting awards on stage and screen, including a Tony (A View From The Bridge), a Primetime Emmy (Frasier) and a Golden Globe (Without A Trace). He also very nearly appeared in both the Sopranos and Django Unchained, although scheduling conflicts and production issues kept him out of those roles. Now, he is working on two films: dark comedy The Toy Gun alongside John Hannah, and Tomboy, A Revengers Tale about a gangster’s vendetta.

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