SR Pick: Iconic Performances Photo Gallery

A couple of months ago Empire Magazine ran a photo spread for their 20th Anniversary issue featuring Hollywood legends recreating some of their most iconic cinematic moments. Though only stipulation was that the stars dress classy while paying homage to some of their most memorable moments on celluloid and IMO, the spread turned of awesome.

Well now Empire is sharing its gallery online and people are clicking on and taking notice. Nothing revolutionary but we thought you'd enjoy them too, so we grabbed a few of the best pics and lined them up for you.As you go through the pic, see if you can still name the star, what movie it is they're recreating and what age you were when said movie came out. The results may frighten you.

Without further ado here are the photos:

You can catch the rest of Empire's gallery by going HERE. It's pretty awesome.

So, how did looking over those photos make you feel? Nostalgic? Old? Young and confused?

Source: Empire

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