• Which Emperor's New Groove Character Are You Based On Your MBTI®
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    Disney's The Emperor's New Groove is one of the most unexpectedly wholesome and hilarious movies of the 2000s. Hilarity and beautiful animation aren't even the tip of the Peruvian hill because the story is so moving. The tale of a conceited and spoiled emperor who is changed into a llama by his trusted adviser, it features themes of friendship and humility, centering around Emperor Kuzco's growth toward being a compassionate ruler due to his surprise experience.

    It's fun to match up our personalities with these fun characters, especially if you've ever wondered which character from Emperor's New Groove you might be based on your Myers–Briggs® Type Indicator score.

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  • 10 / 10
    Kronk: ESFJ
    Kronk and Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove

    As one of the most caring people to ever be in a Disney film, Kronk, Yzma's right-hand man voiced by the hilarious Patrick Warburton, is "The Provider," or "The Consul." He's extroverted to the core and is all about spreading the positive energy, even in the middle of poisoning his emperor. Kronk's conflicted feelings are the reason Kuzco survives in the first place. He loves to be liked and to put on social events for the people he loves.

    Kronk is the ultimate cheerleader, encouraging those around him with kind words while simultaneously making sure everyone stays fed. Kronk was so popular he received his own spin-off movie, Kronk's New Groove.

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  • 9 / 10
    Kuzco: ESTP

    Kuzco, voiced by David Spade, begins the film as a self-absorbed brat who cares about nothing more than his own whims. He's the worst of what an ESTP, or "The Doer," can be. His own freedom and choices mean more to him than the safety and welfare of his people, and he never looks before he leaps and doesn't even think about consequences until after he's done exactly what he wants.

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    Also known as "The Entrepreneur," the ESTP is a smart and energetic person who can exude mega charisma. They are also highly perceptive, which is why Kuzco was able to change during his journey.

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  • 8 / 10
    Chicha: ENFJ
    Pacha's Family in Emperor's New Groove

    Pacha's wife Chica, voiced perfectly by Wendie Malick, is the perfect partner for her husband. Smart, funny and always one step ahead, Chicha is an ENFJ, "The Giver," or "The Protagonist." Charming and charismatic, she can talk her husband's "aunt," whom she's suspected all along of lying to her, into just about anything, including being locked in a closet.

    She's outspoken and highly principled, and isn't afraid to mince words when it comes to injustice. Even the idea of Pacha making the journey to be ignored by the emperor puts her into a rage that she calms by going to clean something. Chicha's intuition helps her connect with anyone, even villains.

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  • 7 / 10
    Tipo: ENFP

    Five-year-old Tipo, voiced by Eli Russell Linnetz, is wise beyond his years, much of which likely comes from the influence of his seven-year-old sister, Chaca. As "The Champion," an ENFP, Tipo doesn't like arbitrary rules and prefers do to things his way, which accounts for his incredible creativity. While he'll argue with his sister as siblings are wont to do, he still loves to be around her and other people.

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    Also known as "The Campaigner," he is enthusiasm is contagious and he's able to get anyone on board with his ideas. He's also super positive and can usually find something to smile about.

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  • 6 / 10
    Yzma: ENTJ
    Yzma in her Secret Lab in Emperor's New Groove

    Yzma is a villain we love to hate, and why shouldn't she be? Eartha Kitt is amazing as the character, and received three Annie Awards and two Emmy Awards for the performance. Yzma is a total ENTJ, or "The Commander." She was born to lead and the moment Kuzco dares to fire her, she begins to plan his demise. To be fair, she's already been ruling their people in his stead for much of the time she's been his adviser.

    Yzma loves to be in charge, and even though she uses potions to take Kuzco down, she's all about efficiency, labeling her potions, critically thinking out each plan's weaknesses and strengths, and coming to quick yet well-thought-out conclusions. Yzma sees roadblocks as challenges to prove herself and she comes close to succeeding many times.

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  • 5 / 10
    Mata: ISFP

    The deadpan waitress at Mudka's Meat Hut, Mata, is voiced by Patti Deutsch. Matta has the perfect snarky diner waitress style, and is an example of an introvert who doesn't always seem like an introvert: in other words, the ISFP, also known as the "Adventurer" or "Composer." Mata creatively calls out orders and responds to her guests with warmth despite her trademark attitude.

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    Spontaneous and fun, Mata will surprise you with confetti before you know it, and even though she's an introvert, she's definitely friendly, even ensuring that Kronk gets orders by confirming, "You got that, honey?" Mata also appears in Kronk's New Groove where she demonstrates her willingness to try new things, or recipes, as the case may be.

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  • 4 / 10
    Pacha: ISFJ
    Pacha and Soldiers in Emperor's New Groove

    There will never be enough cartoon characters voiced by John Goodman, but the loving and kind-hearted gentle giant Pacha is one of his best. He is a classic ISFJ, "The Defender" who puts his family first and will do anything to protect the people he loves. A warm person and a dedicated family man, Pacha prefers a simple life with the few people he loves rather than one filled with excitement and people, but he'll do whatever it takes to protect those he cares about.

    Also known as "The Nurturer," the ISFJ is a person who always strives for peace and harmony, and he's all about cooperation and compromise, which helps him teach Kuzco to be a better person.

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  • 3 / 10

    John Fiedler provides vocal talents for Rudy, the old man in the film who "throws off the Emperor's groove." He's probably the most adorable elderly animated character outside the couple from Up, and he's literally shaking when he's tossed out of the Kuzco's throne room for asking for food. "Beware the groove!" he warns Pacha.

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    Rudy's very forgiving, and his ability to tolerate this treatment points toward his ISTP status. Enthusiastic yet rational, "The Craftsman" finds out how things work and uses that information to remedy problems (in this case, the hunger of his people). He might seem steady on the outside but he's unpredictable, as we can see during his spritely maneuvers at the end of the movie. Like Mata, Rudy also appears prominently later in Kronk's New Groove.

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  • 2 / 10
    Chaca: ESFP

    Pacha's adorable pig-tailed daughter Chaca, voiced by Kellyann Kelso, is a total ham. Her personality is that of an ESFP, or "The Entertainer." This little girl loves the spotlight and won't shy away from talking to anyone, stranger or not. She has loads of energy and is never boring. Chaca loves to meet new people and explore new places and ideas, and whatever she does, she can make it fun.

    Warm, outgoing and sympathetic to others, Chaca has the best of her parents in her, making her a fantastic big sister who is always a source of spontaneous fun.

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  • 1 / 10
    Kuzco Llama: ENTJ
    Kuzco Crying in Emperor's New Groove

    As a llama, Kuzco's personality doesn't change at all right away. It takes time spent with Pacha to change certain components of his personality, transforming him into a strong and capable leader who makes decisions based on good information rather than his own desires. He becomes "The Commander," an ENTJ like Yzma, but he does it well, without abusing others.

    An adventure with his new best friend has taught Kuzco the values of leadership, logic and turning problems into opportunities not just for his own personal gain, but for that of his own people. This means he's still strong-willed, but his boldness is present in his big ideas that help improve his kingdom.

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