2017 Emmy Predictions: Best Drama

The Handmaid's Tale

While other streaming services have managed to stake a claim at the Emmys, Netflix with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and Amazon Prime with Transparent, Hulu has yet to make its mark at the awards show. That should change soon with its most buzzed about show to date, The Handmaid's Tale. Based on the Margret Atwood novel of same name, Hulu's latest drama has received high marks both for its overall quality and for its eery timeliness. Many hope that Elisabeth Moss, best known as Peggy Olsen from Mad Men, will finally achieve an Emmy win for her lead performance.

House of Cards

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards

Never bet against the Underwoods. A Best Drama win has eluded the Netflix original thus far (as have acting wins for stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright), but that shouldn't stop House of Cards from reeling in nomination after nomination. Spacey and Wright should repeat nominations for the Best Actor and Best Actress categories. There's also a good chance Michael Kelly will return to the Best Supporting Actor category. After four seasons, could House of Cards finally take home the big award of the night? With Breaking Bad long over and Game of Thrones out for the count, it just might.

The Leftovers

This one is a gamble, and could easily get blocked out by the inaugural season of Westorld or the sophomore outing of Mr. Robot. But there are some factors at play that could make The Leftovers a dark horse in this particular race. For starters, Damon Lindelof has been loved by Emmy voters in the past for his work on Lost. And while The Leftovers has yet to attain that love, it's steadily risen in quality since its mildly received first year. Add to the equation that this is the show's final season, and you could see sympathy from Emmy voters as the show winds down. However the show fares, Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon have decent shots at garnering acting nominations.

This Is Us

This Is Us Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia

Caught in the fray of extremely dark dramas, This Is Us somehow manages to stick out. The heartfelt tear-jerker was a huge win for NBC, securing not just one, but two more seasons before the first one had even finished. Though the finale was divisive, This Is Us remains one of the most pleasant surprises of the year. Emphasis on pleasant. The family drama was renowned most for its spectacular performances, particularly from Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, and breakout star Chrissy Metz. This would be the Peacock network's first Best Drama nomination since Heroes was nominated ten years ago.

Other possibilities: Westworld, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, Homeland


The Emmys air on September 17, 2017 on CBS. What shows do you hope get nominated?

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