2017 Emmy Predictions: Best Drama

Emmy season is upon us! Advertisements begging for your consideration have begun to infest social media sites in droves. And while the Emmy nominations won't be announced until July 13th, it's still pretty obvious, in most cases, what shows and actors have nominations on lock. However, in other cases, the nominations might be tougher to predict. Still, that won't keep us from doing some educated guesswork. The Emmys themselves will air on September 17th, hosted by Stephen Colbert. In advance, we're giving you predictions of who could be taking home golden statues on that date.

First up is the Best Drama category. Game of Thrones, last year's winner, is ineligible this year, as the show has been on hiatus and will return for its newest season after nominations have been announced. With Thrones out of play, this category becomes anybody's game. The best dramas around these days have been a solid mix of fresh new content (Westworld, Stranger Things) and returning favorites that have maintained Emmy voters' favor in their later years (House of CardsThe Americans). If a new show were to win this year, it would be the first debut season of a show to win Best Drama since Homeland back in 2012. But newbies in the running for this award have some pretty heavy competition from acclaimed returners.

The Americans

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys in The Americans Season 5

It was beginning to look like The Americans would go its entire run without Emmy recognition. But last year, fans of the '80s espionage thriller were thrilled to see the show crack four major categories. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell received nods for their brilliant leading performances, the episode 'Persona Non Grata'" was nominated for Best Writing for a Drama Series, and the series as a whole got a nomination for Best Drama. The show, which is currently wrapping up its penultimate season on FX, should find itself in this category once more. Unless Emmy voters suddenly reject it one year later, the way they did with Parks and Recreation after its first Best Comedy nomination.

Better Call Saul

Header Gus Fring Better Call Saul Promo

AMC? Check. Vince Gilligan? Check again. Almost fifteen nominations to its name already? Two of which were for Best Drama? Check, check, check. Season three of Better Call SaulBreaking Bad's much-lauded spinoff is a shoe-in for a Best Drama nod this year, particularly with the resurgence of Giancarlo Esposito's Gustavo Fring. Perhaps Esposito will get another chance at an acting Emmy, and join Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks in netting the show Emmy nominations for their performances. A nod for Rhea Seehorn, who's yet to be recognized for her work on the show, would also be welcome. Ditto for Michael McKean, particularly for his stunning work on the show's best episode to date, "Chicanery."

The Crown

The Crown TV show

With a $130 million budget, The Crown is not only the most expensive show Netflix has produced, it's widely considered to be the most expensive television show of all time. Fortunately, the payoff for everyone involved was immense. The show, which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, was met with high praise and is scheduled to return this year. The payoff should continue with insurmountable adoration from Emmy voters. In addition to Best Drama, The series should also see a healthy amount of nominations for its lush costumes and production design. Expect acting nods for Claire Foy in the lead role and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill.

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