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Last week, the television community was smacked in the face with a major surprise when it was announced Tatiana Maslany had finally received an Emmy nomination for her outstanding work as the various clones on BBC America’s Orphan Black. However, the famed genre series isn’t the only one long overdue for some kind of Emmy nomination. In fact, throughout the years, there have been several series without even a much-deserved technical award… and that’s what we’ve compiled for you here.

That said, before we begin, there are a few qualifications that must be met for a series to make it onto this list:

  1. The show must have never been nominated for an Emmy in any category, including technical awards (sorry, Parenthood).
  2. The show must still be eligible for Emmys in 2016 (sorry, Sirens).
  3. The show must have been eligible for Emmys no later that than this past year and not received a nomination (sorry, UnReal).




Oliver Queen Arrow

Category: Outstanding Stunt Coordination

This won’t be the last time a show deserving of the Outstanding Stunt Coordination category comes up on this list because, while things like Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Comedy may take the spotlight, it’s hard to deny the amount of snubbing that takes place in this category. Just this past year, Daredevil was passed over for this award in favor of, of all things, Boardwalk Empire. However, the Marvel series did get some other nominations for its trouble, which brings us to Arrow.

The Greg Berlanti-produced CW series has been killing it on the fight choreography and pulse-pounding action front since day one. Even if the story sometimes dips to the point of controversy among fans, what hasn’t dipped is the show’s ability to excite once someone wields a bow and arrow or sharpened blade. Also, how does Oliver’s boxing glove arrow moment not land the show something? That’s just plain ignorance right there.



Will Graham and Dr. Lecter on Hannibal

Categories: Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor (Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen), Outstanding Supporting Actor (Laurence Fishburne), Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Special Visual Effects

It simply wouldn’t be an Emmy snub list without the inclusion of one of the academy’s most egregious and constant omissions: Hannibal. To be fair, the show wasn’t eligible this year since season 3 missed the cut-off with its push to summer, and won’t have a (final?) shot at awards until 2016. That said, there’s plenty in seasons 1 and 2 that made the Bryan Fuller series worthy of acclaim.

Even just ignoring the amazing acting, writing, and directing for a second: how does the show not land an Outstanding Visual Effects nomination? Not only is its post-work hauntingly beautiful, it also does something so rarely seen in Hollywood: It has narrative importance. All that CG blood means something to the narrative of the show, particularly for Will, and it’s a shame that fact constantly goes unnoticed.


The Last Ship

The Last Ship cast members

Category: Outstanding Stunt Coordination

As this year was the first time it was eligible for awards, since season 2 only just started airing a few weeks ago, you’re probably wondering why The Last Ship made the cut. Well, the answer has to do with the scene that surely was submitted by the production team for the category it lost out on.

Those that saw the pilot of The Last Ship will remember an epic action sequence that took place in the snowy tundra of Antarctica. Well, believe it or not, that entire sequence was shot and directed by none other than the show’s executive producer, Michael Bay. So, are you really going to tell us that the best action sequence of 2014, helmed by one of Hollywood’s top action directors, wasn’t worthy of at least a nomination for Outstanding Stunt Coordination? Please.

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Posted by The Last Ship on Thursday, June 19, 2014


The League

Category: Outstanding Comedy Series

With its final season set to premiere later this year, it’s hard to believe that The League has never garnered an Emmy nomination for its efforts. Despite not having any actual scripts to go off of during production – instead relying on the improvisational skills of its actors – the show remains a bright spot in television’s comedy scene. Every episode contains more laughs than some of the best sitcoms that do make the cut (looking at you Louie), and given that the first rule of any comedy is to be funny, it’s clear there’s some serious oversight happening on the part of the Television Academy concerning The League.

Some may say the show’s crassness is to blame, but Louie is far crasser and more offensive at times, yet it still manages to land acclaim. Some may say it’s the show’s lack of a script and reliance on improv, but that doesn’t make much sense since the show is still written. The creators have said repeatedly that every episode has a detailed outline, which contains everything featured on screen, except for dialogue. That’s the only thing made up on the spot. So, if it’s not an Academy-wide aversion to crassness or improvisation, then what could possibly be the reason for not allowing one of television’s best comedies a chance to compete with the big boys? The answer: a simple unwillingness to think outside the box of “usual suspects.”

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