Emma Watson Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Emma Watson made her professional acting debut in a massive franchise. For nearly a decade of her acting career, she brought Hermione Granger to life on the big screen for the Harry Potter franchise. It’s fitting, then, that more of her characters get sorted into their Hogwarts Houses of the Harry Potter universe.

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For the Harry Potter fans who might need a refresher, there are four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Gryffindors are brash and brave. Ravenclaws are curious, seeking knowledge. Hufflepuffs are loyal and fair. Slytherins are ambitious and sneaky. Our sorting hat has determined the Hogwarts houses for 10 of the characters brought to life by Emma Watson. 

10 Belle (Beauty And The Beast): Ravenclaw

When Disney adapted their animated version of Beauty and the Beast to live action, there were only a few big changes. One of them was that Belle wasn’t just a book lover, but also an inventor. They doubled down on the Ravenclaw aspects of the character.

Belle did spend a lot of her childhood longing for adventure, but she didn’t just read stories for escapism. She also read books that taught her. Her knack for understanding her father’s work, and being able to build machinery on her own came from all of that reading. The Ravenclaw in her meant that she just wanted to learn as much about the world as she could. 

9 Nicki (The Bling Ring): Slytherin

Emma Watson As Nicki In The Bling Ring Slytherin

Inspired by real events, The Bling Ring followed a group of teens that broke into the homes of celebrities and stole their belongings. They weren’t exactly very stealthy about it, so Nicki’s brazen actions could land her in a house like Gryffindor instead. One big character trait, however, makes her a Slytherin.

Nicki was more interested in having a good time and keeping herself out of trouble than she was anything else. Despite her friends being involved in the scheme with her, Nicki was willing to throw everyone to the wolves if it meant she got paid for interviews and didn’t go to prison.

8 Princess Pea (The Tale Of Despereaux): Gryffindor

Emma Watson Voices Princess Pea In The Tale Of Desperaeux Gryffindor

The Tale Of Despereaux focused on the mouse in the title, but that didn’t mean other characters didn’t get their time to shine. Princess Pea, despite not getting to go on an epic adventure or save the world, was definitely a Gryffindor.

The daughter of a king who outlawed both soup and mice, Pea was in a bit of an awkward position. She had to follow her father’s laws even as he shut her out in his grief over losing her mother. Despite the law, Pea befriended a mouse, even encouraging him to better his own life with the books in her library. She also never stopped trying to reconnect with her father.

7 Sam (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower): Hufflepuff

Emma Watson As Sam In The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Hufflepuff

When The Perks Of Being A Wallflower was adapted for the screen, there were a lot of fans who weren’t sure a movie would do the book justice. Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, and Emma Watson’s performances proved that it could. Watson starred as Sam, a high school senior who definitely would have been at home in Hufflepuff.

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Sam’s entire place in the movie is devoted to her relationships with her friends. She stood up for her stepbrother when he was targeted at school, befriended a freshman, and even gave him his first kiss to make sure it was from someone who loved him. Sam also didn’t tolerate new friends insulting her old friends, or being cheated on. Loyalty was definitely a necessity for Sam.

6 Mae (The Circle): Gryffindor

Emma Watson As Mae In The Circle Gryffindor

Based on the novel of the same name, The Circle examines how social media and technology can be forces for both good and bad. The movie achieves most of that through the eyes of Emma Watson’s character, Mae.

When Mae got a job for the titular Circle, she fully embraced the company’s “transparency.” Mae believed that social media could be used to allow people to better connect to one another, and the world. Through the movie, it’s Mae who demonstrates the technology as it’s used to allow for voting through social media, tracking down felons, and rescuing those in remote locations. Her connection to others through the technology even helps her mourn loss. She, however, didn’t believe those controlling the technology should be exempt from the transparency, leading to her bravely exposing her bosses’ secrets. 

Her need for connection and fairness lean toward Hufflepuff, but her brave actions and clear distinction between right and wrong make her a Gryffindor.

5 Ila (Noah): Hufflepuff

Emma Watson As Ila In Noah Hufflepuff

Emma Watson appeared in the Biblical epic Noah near the end of her time in the Harry Potter franchise. Her character Ila was a true Hufflepuff.

The survivor of a violent attack on her family, Ila found refuge with Noah's family. Over time, she fell in love with his oldest son. Throughout her time with the family, Ila stood by them, even when she didn’t entirely understand what was going on. She also desperately tried to find a way to save her own children when Noah resolved to end the human race. Family and loyalty were everything to her. It was only a result of Ila’s compassion and fairness that her husband even reconciled with his father at the end of their story.

4 Lena (Colonia): Gryffindor

Emma Watson As Lena In Colonia Gryffindor

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When Lena couldn’t find someone to help her track down her missing boyfriend, she set out to do it herself. She did her own research, traveled to a hostile territory, and infiltrated a cult in order to find out where he’d been taken. When she finally managed to find him, she also helped him escape. That’s one brave woman. 

3 Angela (Regression): Slytherin

Emma Watson As Angela In Regression Slytherin

Throughout the movie, the audience believed that Angela is a survivor of extensive abuse at the hands of some sort of cult. She detailed different experiences, helped the detective with his investigation, and even provided possible witnesses. The twist ending showed that she was more in control than the detective knew. Angela simply wanted a way to escape her family, and used a story of abuse to do it. Her conniving actions changed the lives of everyone around her, and demonstrated her true ambition. She’s a definite Slytherin.

2 Pauline Fossil (Ballet Shoes): Gryffindor

Emma Watson As Pauline In Ballet Shoes Gryffindor

Inspired by the 1936 novel of the same name, Ballet Shows follows three girls adopted into the same family with very different aspirations. The role of Pauline was Emma Watson’s first outside of the Harry Potter franchise. 

With a love for being the center of attention, but also a keen sense of right and wrong, Pauline could only be a Gryffindor. She initially began studying dance and acting solely as a way to make money for her family until she realized she loved the stage. By the end of the film, she made the difficult decision to take a five year contract in Hollywood. It was a big risk that allowed her to make more money for her family, but also find a way to follow her own dreams.

1 Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Franchise): Ravenclaw

Emma Watson As Hermione In Harry Potter Ravenclaw

All due respect to the Harry Potter source material, but Hermione Granger never should have wound up in Gryffindor. Hermione was as Ravenclaw as they come.

She was incredibly brave, so the sorting hat can’t disagree with her having Gryffindor tendencies. Hermione, however, always wanted to know more. Despite being a Muggleborn, she wanted to take Muggle Studies to learn about non-magical people from a wizards’ point of view! She used a time turner to create enough time to take all of the classes she wanted. Hermione spent more time in the library learning about every aspect of the wizarding world than she did anywhere else. There wasn’t a subject she wasn’t interested in, so we can’t imagine a better fit for her than Ravenclaw.

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