Emma Stone Talks Gwen Stacy in the 'Spider-Man' Reboot

When Emma Stone was confirmed as Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, it shouldn't have surprised anyone. After all, there's something super-heroic about Stone's rise to the Hollywood A-list.

After a series of strong supporting roles in comedies like Superbad and Zombieland, Stone proved she could carry a film on her own with the well-received teen comedy Easy A. Now, the 22-year-old actress is set to take on one of the biggest comic book franchises of all time. Will the success go to her head?

In a recent interview with MTV, Stone talked about her career in a refreshingly humble way. Saying that this has been the best year of her life, Stone quickly admitted that she's "terrified for 2011." With expectations for Spider-Man as high as ever, it's easy to sympathize with the young actress.

To her credit (and perhaps to the consternation of fanboys) Stone said she's treating Gwen Stacy as she would any other role:

"The way I have to approach it, and I think Andrew would agree, is just like any other movie. You're going to put the same amount of focus into this that you would with anything. It just happens to be an exponentially bigger budget. So there's that. It'll probably feel different when we start to do press, but we won't have to deal with that for another year and a half. And there are harnesses I'm going to have to use in this one. That's the only difference: just the harnesses."

Emma Stone Discusses Spider-Man Reboot

Stone also took a moment to talk about how nice it was to revert to her natural blodne hair color for the movie - and why she had to brush up on high school chemistry for her part.

"Today I went and did hair tests, because I have blonde hair now since Gwen has blonde hair. My natural hair is blonde, so it's kind of nice. I looked in the mirror and said, "Oh my god, it's me again, it's been so long!" We're finalizing the visual stuff. And I think we'll start actually rehearsing, because we start shooting in two weeks. Andrew and I went and learned about science yesterday. Gwen really likes science, so we learned about science. I was homeschooled, so I never went to chemistry class in a traditional setting like Gwen is into. That was really beneficial."

I've always admired Emma Stone, and I think that she'll bring a spunk to the Spider-Man reboot that will help Marc Webb and his team differentiate their film from Sam Raimi's movies. That being said, I wonder if treating this role like any other will satisfy fans.

In a recent interview, new Spidey Andrew Garfield said that he really wants to live up to the symbol of Spider-Man. His comments reflected that he understood the gravity of the role and the effect it might have on his career. I don't doubt that Emma Stone is taking her part seriously, but in the fickle fanboy world, expressing any sentiment besides 110% commitment to honoring the source material is considered a faux-pas.

Whatever the case, Stone is a talented young actress with a ton of upcoming credits and Marc Webb is lucky to have her for his film. Although I am not all that invested into the Spider-Man reboot, nothing would make me happier than seeing Stone nail the role.

Source: MTV

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