Emma Stone Talks 'Spider-Man' Reboot & Death of Gwen Stacey

Emma Stone was on 'The Tonight Show' and let slip that she's contracted for several 'Spider-Man' movies, implying that she probably won't die in the upcoming 'Spider-Man' reboot by Marc Webb.

The Spider-Man reboot, which may or may not be based on both the 616 Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man comic universes, is officially in full-production-swing.

Recently, we got our first look at a blonde Emma Stone, who will be playing Gwen Stacy, as she attended a dreary, rain-soaked funeral – perhaps for her dad, George Stacy, as played by Dennis Leary?

Speaking of Emma Stone, she was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to debut her new look on television, to talk about her Golden Globe nomination for Easy A, and to discuss her much-coveted role in Spider-Man. For those curious about whether or not Gwen Stacy would be murdered in the reboot, as her comic book counterparts were, Stone says she’s under contract for several Spider-Man movies.

Check out the video below:

When asked if she was going to do away with the blonde ‘do’, Stone said:

“There’s a few [Spider-Man movies], so I may have to keep it for a couple of years.”

She also revealed that she and Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), who will play Peter Parker in the reboot, share the same physical trainer. When Garfield asked if it would be okay if he worked out with her, Stone said:

“I was like ‘No, that would not be okay.’ He said ‘Why? It’ll be a bonding experience.’ I said ‘Because you can lift a car and I am a weakling beyond belief.’ We’re on two completely different ends of the spectrum.”

What this says to me is that Emma Stone’s character, Gwen Stacy, definitely won’t die in the first movie. As for a second or third movie, one can assume that Sony would want her contracted for as many movies as possible, regardless of whether or not they’d utilize her for so many. My feeling is that, if the filmmakers decide to go the route of killing her – and really, why wouldn’t they? – they’d do it at the end of the second movie, where they could also introduce Mary Jane.

Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot is filming now and has a release date of July 3rd, 2012.

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Header Image from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by David Lafuente

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