Emma Stone Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Emma Stone is one of the most versatile actors of the biz. She's has done broad comedy, superhero movies and, of course, a musical. If she wanted, Stone could easily have had a career as America's sweetheart, playing nothing but plucky ingénues, but that's not her style. If her filmography is any indication, Stone enjoys meaty characters who try, and sometimes fail, to define their place in the world.

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Those who struggle with identity may wish to visit Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, leave your questions of existential philosophy at the door. No need to wonder "who am I?" or "what does it all mean?" Let the Sorting Hat do the work for you. He'll assign you into one of four houses—Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin—and problem solved. Here are Emma Stone Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses.

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10 Superbad: Jules - Hufflepuff

As Superbad's Jules, Emma Stone is the sweet-as-home-ec pie girl next door. Seth (Jonah Hill) has a volcanic crush on Jules, and it's easy to see why. Not only is she beautiful and popular, but Jules treats others well, be they jock or nerd. Everybody likes her because she likes everybody. It's a very simple, Hufflepuffian way to live.

Ever the committed, loyal Hufflepuff, Jules wants to throw a fabulous party for her friends. She enlists Seth's help in procuring booze. This is so telling of a Hufflepuff, because Jules herself doesn't drink. She just wants her friends to have a good time.

9 Zombieland: Wichita - Slytherin

Some play the art of the con for necessity; for others, it's just a rip-roaring good time. Wichita is somewhere in the middle. Even before Zombieland's apocalypse, Wichita was using her womanly wiles to scam oblivious men. Slytherins who aren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth don't cry about it. Why bother, when you can just steal someone else's? The only other person Wichita cares about her kid sister Little Rock. To survive the apocalypse, they make alliances with others when they're needed and break them when they're not.

At the end of the film, Wichita learns the importance of sticking together and being a good team player. But we still wouldn't trust her—or any Slytherin—with a chainsaw.

8 Easy A: Olive Penderghast - Gryffindor

How boring would provocateurs be if they actually stopped to think about something as measly as consequences? Then there'd be no Gryffindor House. Easy A's Olive Penderghast is a well-meaning teen with the new reputation of school scarlet woman. Gryffindors feed off attention, and Olive is insatiable. She begins wearing revealing clothing, all of which bear the signature "A," Olive's wink to The Scarlet Letter.

Despite her vixen reputation, Olive doesn't actually have relations with anybody. She's just "paid" to say she did. Of course, this being a Gryffindor scheme, it all goes up in flames, with the collapse of a teacher's marriage as a casualty. Olive learns that she doesn't have to lie in order to seem more interesting; she just has to be her bold Gryffindor self.

7 Crazy, Stupid, Love: Hannah Weaver - Ravenclaw

To a Ravenclaw, life is a formula best solved before you've even mastered potty training. In Crazy, Stupid, Love, Hannah Weaver has life mapped out, color-coded, and collated. She just passed the bar exam, and she plans to go on to become a high-powered lawyer and marry her boyfriend Richard.

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The problem is that a Ravenclaw's inner robot has a system failure when said plans don't go their way. When Hannah learns Richard (Josh Groban) doesn't share her desire to marry, she panics. That form of panicking leads her straight into the arms of Jacob (Ryan Gosling). By Hannah veering off her rigid Ravenclaw plan, she may have felt crazy and stupid, but she also found love.

6 The Help: Skeeter Phelan - Gryffindor

In some societies, coloring outside the lines of your prescribed label can have grave consequences. The Help takes place in 1960s Mississippi. Skeeter Phelan is the daughter of a plantation owner, meant to marry and spend her life baking pies and attending socials. Yeah, that's not going to work.

Skeeter is a writer who's not content contributing recipes and ladies' advice columns to the local paper. She wants to write about things that matter. When she notices the appalling treatment of the maids who work for her friends, Skeeter decides to write a book from their perspective. Though Skeeter has the shield of privilege that the maids do not, it is still a risky venture on her part. But worthwhile risk is a Gryffindor's favorite vice.

5 The Amazing Spider-Man: Gwen Stacy - Ravenclaw

For a Ravenclaw, there is no better fashion accessory than a book. In The Amazing Spider-Man, Gwen puts hers to good use, too. It's thanks to Gwen's Ravenclaw ability to concoct an antidote that Spider-Man is able to save scores of people.

Gwen is a determined woman with a strong sense of morality. She intervenes in a bullying incident when many would just look the other way. In the battle of heart vs. head, Ravenclaw Gwen will always pick head. Spider-Man/Peter Parker's father made him promise not to date Gwen. In the name of honor, Gwen breaks up with Peter even though she loves him. Decisions like those take the emotional fortitude of a Ravenclaw.

4 Birdman: Sam Thomson - Gryffindor

Every child deserves love and affection from their parents. Birdman's Sam Thomson felt neglected by her has-been actor father Riggan (Michael Keaton). Now an adult and his assistant, Sam has made it her Gryffindor mission to make him pay attention to her. She does what she wants as loudly as possible and waits for a reaction. Gryffindors are all about the performance, without much thought to clearing the stage after. It's not until Sam's screaming in Riggan's face about his irrelevance—his biggest fear—that he shuts up and listens. Sam may be abrasive, but the pretenders around her could do with a hard dose of her truth.

3 Irrational Man: Jill Pollard - Ravenclaw

Irrational Man's Jill Pollard is a gifted undergrad who hasn't seen much of life beyond the campus of her Rhode Island liberal arts college. As a Ravenclaw, she loves to learn but she's also looking for an adventure. When Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix), a romantic, world-weary professor, enters her life, Jill thinks he's the answer to all her dull problems.

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Jill gradually but bluntly pushes her boyfriend Roy (Jamie Blackley) aside until he gets so fed up, he ends the relationship. If you remember a certain Cho Chang, you'll know that Ravenclaws aren't great at handling the sticky mess of relationships. When it turns out Abe is a confirmed criminal, that's a bridge too far for Ravenclaw Jill. She goes back to her sheltered life, finding peace in the familiar.

2 La La Land: Mia Dolan - Gryffindor

Achieving the Hollywood dream takes courage. Gryffindor courage. La La Land's Mia may not be outwardly tough, but to play the game for as long as she has, with almost no success, speaks to a decidedly Gryffindor determination. If some yahoo honks at her in traffic because she was busy rehearsing her lines, Mia will flip him a well-deserved finger.

The ultimate fork in the road for Mia is when she has the opportunity to choose between her dream or love. She picks her dream. When faced with a decision where one of the options is Ryan Gosling—or in this case, Seb—and you pick the not Ryan Gosling option? Talk about Gryffindor bravery.

1 The Favourite: Abigail Hill - Slytherin

Innocent looks aside, Emma Stone is not just some girl next door. Nor is The Favourite's Abigail Hill. Upon arriving to court, Abigail presents herself as a humble young woman fallen on hard times. She'd be happy just to scrub the floor Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) walks on. But through her conniving Slytherin ways, Abigail slowly begins to ingratiate herself into Queen Anne's good graces. The Queen's best friend Sarah Marlborough (Rachel Weisz) is frost bitingly cold, so Abigail becomes warmer than a chamber fire in the dead of winter.

For Slytherins, the world is full of puppets just waiting to have their strings pulled. Voldemort, watch your back.

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