Emily Blunt Talks 'Avengers', Scar Jo's Black Widow, Marvel & Superhero Movies

We sat down at Comic-Con 2012 to talk to actress Emily Blunt about her role in director Rian Johnson's time-travel hitman movie, Looper - but it being the 'Con and all, conversation inevitably turned to the subject of superheroes and the superhero movie genre.

Fanboys will be the ones to tell you: Blunt almost had a big role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as she was at one time up for the role of Black Widow, the femme-fatale super-spy who was a breakout favorite of Joss Whedon's Avengers movie. I talked to Blunt about her feelings regarding the Black Widow, actress Scarlett Johansson's performance in Avengers, and her interest in possible future superhero roles. Read on for the interview.

On her impression of Black Widow, as written by Joss Whedon in The Avengers:

Emily Blunt: I really loved 'Avengers!'

Screen Rant: Were you upset that you didn't get to play the role when you saw the film?

EB: No! No... because I really never get like that, and I'm never regretful about not doing something; I didn't do it at the time because it wasn't the right time and I was contracted to do something else. But Scarlett [Johansson] has done such a phenomenal job - she's it! Like why even reminisce about what could've been? She's it and she nailed it and I love 'The Avengers,' I really found it to be really good fun.

Would you still consider playing a different superhero role?

Yeah! It would just have to be the right kind of part - the right part, the right moment, and all of that.

For those who are good at connecting dots: Blunt is married to The Office star John Krasinski - an actor who was also in the running for Marvel's Avengers lineup, playing the role of Captain America. Krasinski was passed over in the final rounds of casting, and the part ultimately went to Chris Evans; Blunt herself was also considered to star in Captain America: The First Avenger, but she passed on it and  the role of Peggy Carter ultimately went to actress Hayley Atwell.

I jokingly asked Blunt if she would still work with Marvel (as opposed to say, playing a character in the DC Movie Universe), even though they passed over her hubby for Captain America - but there didn't seem to be any hard feelings in that area:

 Yeah of course! Marvel is doing it great! Yeah, yeah, for sure!


Be sure to check back for more on our interview with Emily Blunt, and our Comic-Con coverage of her new movie Looper, in theaters on September 28, 2012.

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