Why Emily Blunt Said No To Captain America

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While the casting process for the role of Peggy Carter in The First Avenger: Captain America wasn't as confusing or rumor-infused as it was for  Marvel Studios making the choice of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, there were still a few names in the running for the leading actress.

When it came down to it, director Joe Johnston and Marvel chose Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in Captain America, but she wasn't their first choice. Rumors hit the web a few weeks back that Emily Blunt, who worked with Johnston on The Wolfman, was offered the part but turned it down. Why? The speculation pointed towards the possibility of her gunning for the role of Catwoman in Batman 3. Now we have confirmation that she did in fact, turn the role down and some of the reasons why...

MTV had the chance to talk with Emily Blunt about her turning down the part and how close her husband, John Krasinski, came to playing the title character. The first thing she made sure to point out is that her refusing the part was in no part due to her relationship with director, who she has positive words for.

"I'm a big supporter of [director] Joe Johnston and I think that 'Captain America' is going to be really fun and I gather that the story is really interesting... It just wasn't what I wanted to do next, to be honest."

The role of Peggy Carter came with a multi-picture contract and this was something Blunt wasn't interested in and/or ready for. Blunt is known for doing indie pictures and taking on Captain America would mean she'd be obligated for sequels and a possible appearance in The Avengers. He current interest was to shoot a comedy as her next picture.

"There's definitely a high commitment level and I'm not someone who likes to plan too much ahead... That would also be an issue for me as well."

What is it going to take to get this girl in a Marvel movie? She had the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts and now she turns down this part. Third time's a charm? Nope. We wouldn't be talking about this if her hubby got the gig of the star-spangled Avenger I'm sure.

With Blunt out, HayleyAtwell still beat out the likes of Keira Knightley and Alice Eve. Atwell joins Chris Evans is Captain America, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes and Hugo Weaving is the villainous Red Skull. Are you happy with Hayley Atwell playing Peggy Carter?

Still think Blunt has a shot at Catwoman if she turns out to be a character in Batman 3? Any other Marvel movie roles you can think of for Blunt to turn down in the future?

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Iron Man 2 opens NEXT WEEK May 7, 2010, Thor opens May 5, 2011, The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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