Emergence Premiere Explained: 5 Biggest Questions (& Our Best Answers)

ABC Emergence TV Show Premiere

ABC's Emergence series premiere introduces a mystery surrounding an amnesiac child (Alexa Skye Swinton) who seems to possess strange abilities, which brought about several questions. The girl has become the target of a secret organization whose motives are unknown. Caught in the middle is police chief Jo Evans (Allison Tomlin), a woman who is determined to protect the child.

Emergence was originally produced as a pilot order for NBC, but when NBC ultimately passed on the show, ABC picked it up for fall 2019. The Emergence series premiere opens with what appears to be a plane crash. When the police arrive on the scene, a young girl with no memory of her past is found. Jo Evans takes the girl home with her, and quickly discovered that she is at the center of a large conspiracy. The girl, who Jo has nicknamed "Piper", is important in a way that Jo has only begun to realize. Jo goes to great lengths to hide the girl from the organization.

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Now, Jo is trying to keep her safe while at the same time investigating the mystery surrounding the girl as well as the group that's looking for her. Piper promises that she'll try to remember who she is so that they can all better understand what's going on. The final scene of ABC's Emergence series premiere suggests that Piper may know more than she's letting on when she pulls what looks like a tracker out of her neck, which has led to some big questions.

5. What Was The Accident In Emergence?

What gets the story rolling in Emergence is a "plane crash" that happens in the middle of the night. Piper was nearby, but she didn't seem to be on the plane because she had no injuries. Since the debris from the crash was quickly cleaned up, Jo and the police don't know for sure what it was that actually crashed. They're later told that it was a drone from the National Science Foundation, but both Jo and police officer Chris Minetto (Robert Bailey Jr.) agree that this is all an elaborate lie to cover something up.

No one knows how this crash happened or why, but a clue was provided by investigative journalist Benny Gallagher (Owain Yeoman), who claims that the plane (or drone) came from Plum Island, the location of a research facility. This facility could be where it was created, and it may be connected to the show's unusual technology.

4. What Is The Mysterious Organization In Emergence?

People posing as agents of NTSB tried - and failed - to take Piper from the hospital. Whoever they were, their group was apparently behind a second attempt to kidnap the child. They stooped to much more devious methods by sending two people to pretend to be her parents. Whoever they are, they haven't given up on finding Piper. They even succeeded in tracking Jo's family to the house they were hiding in. Luckily, they failed to kidnap Piper when their car was mysteriously destroyed.

It's not clear what they want with Piper, but it's possible that she was part of an experiment, especially since a research facility somehow factors into the mystery. So far, they've proven to be both resourceful and ruthless in their tactics, and judging up by the cover-up of the plane crash, it seems fair to say that they have ties to the federal government.

3. What Is The Weird Symbol In Emergence?

In the first half of the Emergence series premiere, the TV screen in Jo's house changed to reveal a strange symbol. Piper approached it, but before she could touch it, Ed (Clancy Brown) walked into the room. The symbol appeared again when Piper experienced a vision while was in the bathroom. For a moment, it looked as if Piper's face was submerged in. A moment later, she snapped out of her trance-like state and used a knife to cut a small, circular device out of her neck. The symbol seems to be identical to the one on the TV. How this device relates to what she saw on the TV hasn't been explained, but it's possible that it's associated in some way with the organization that's looking for Piper.

2. Who Is The Girl In Emergence? What Are Her Powers?

Early in ABC's Emergence series premiere, Jo notices that the rain on her windshield is moving in a strange direction, though this occurrence, as bizarre as it was, isn't mentioned again. Throughout the episode, lights flicker on and off for unexplained reasons, but the craziest moment occurs after Piper is kidnapped and stuffed in a vehicle. When Jo gives chase, she watches as the car carrying Piper mysteriously flips. Her kidnappers are killed in the crash, but Piper is able to walk away without a scratch.

Did Piper cause the crash, and if she so, how? Weird things seem to happen whenever she's around, so it does seem likely at this point that Piper possesses abilities, but exactly what they are and where they come from have yet to be revealed. They may or may not be telekinetic. She also claims to have no memory, but the fact that she knew about the device in her neck casts some doubt on that.

1. What Is The Advanced Technology In Emergence?

A strange metal plate was found on one of the two people who said they were Piper's parents. This plate had no circuitry, and didn't seem to serve any obvious function. Jo has handed it off to Benny to have it investigated. It looks like it could be so advanced that no one understands how to use it. There's also the matter of the tracking device Piper found. This circular, glowing device looks nothing like any technology in the modern era; it even has a futuristic feel to it. If advanced technology exists in Emergence, it would explain why the crash was so quickly cleaned up. Whatever it was that crashed may have been advanced as well. As for where it's all coming from, the answers could once again be connected to the research facility on Plum Island.

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