Roland Emmerich to Direct New Alien Invasion Film 'Emergence'


With White House Down hitting theatres later this month, director Roland Emmerich adds yet another summer blockbuster to his resume of big-budget action films and films involving attacks on Washington landmarks (Independence Day). However, there's another story concept that Emmerich remains fascinated with and seems to want to revisit again as well - alien invasion.

Of course, Emmerich has been heavily involved with the development of not just one, but two Independence Day sequels for quite a while now, but since there's still no telling if they will ever materialize, he's been on the lookout for more projects involving extraterrestrial intruders invading our precious home planet.

This week, we are learning that he's found one. According to Deadline, Emmerich's production company, Centropolis Entertainment, has acquired an alien invasion sci-fi project titled Emergence based on a pitch by writer Nic Kelman. Emmerich plans to direct the film, which is said to involve grounded science theory.

There is no studio backing the project yet, but with Emmerich's name slapped on the side, we can almost assure Hollywood's major players will come running to get a piece soon. Though Emmerich isn't the most revered director in Tinseltown, his films always seem to give studios a big return on their investments, even though those investments are usually quite large to begin with.


At this point, if the project gains some traction, the question for Emmerich fans will not be whether or not a major studio will get involved with Emergence, but rather, what will happen with the planned Independence Day sequels? It's possible he could still make them and it's possible 20th Century Fox could find another director, but with the projects seemingly stuck in development hell, maybe if Emergence becomes Emmerich's focus, it could be the kiss of death for the would-be ID Forever films.

Then again, the Independence Day follow-ups are further along at the moment than Emergence. So far, all Emmerich has purchased is an idea and a story concept. Kelman still needs to write the script. Meanwhile, the ID sequels already have titles, some plot details and at least one confirmed cast member - Bill Pullman - though Pullman did admit: “Nobody’s holding their breath," saying that the sequels have been "continually plagued.”


At least Emmerich fans can take comfort in knowing that they should see more from him in the near future and they can almost expect that those near future films will include some kind of alien invasion. So, for those craving an Independence Day sequel, maybe Emergence will be the next best thing? Who knows, it could be even better. We'll have to wait and see how these developing projects take shape and as always, we'll let you know the latest.


Source: Deadline

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