Emerald City Season 2 Updates: Is It Happening?

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The first series provided an action-packed return to Oz but is Emerald City season 2 going to happen? Author L. Frank Baum created the Oz book series, starting with The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz in 1900. The first novel in his long-running series finds a young Kansas girl named Dorothy and her dog Toto swept away in a tornado to the magical Land of Oz.

The sheer imagination on display in the book saw it receive a number of adaptations, with 1939's The Wizard Of Oz starring Judy Garland being the most iconic. While the movie suffered through something of a troubled production, this adaptation is now regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. Other filmmakers have returned to the source material over the decades, including 1985's dark sequel Return To Oz and Sam Raimi's prequel Oz The Great And Powerful starring Mila Kunis.

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NBC series Emerald City took audiences back to the Land Of Oz, with director Tarsem Singh (Self/Less) directing all ten episodes. The show received mixed reviews for its moody new take on the material, so is Emerald City season 2 likely to happen?

Emerald City Was Canceled By NBC After One Season

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Emerald City featured a great cast and some stunning visuals but it nearly really found its footing tonally. The series also debuted to somewhat modest ratings that steadily dipped throughout the season, which is why NBC canceled it shortly after the season one finale in 2017. The show was an ambitious - and no doubt expensive - undertaking so it's unlikely the network saw the value in greenlighting Emerald City season 2 based off the lukewarm reception to the show.

Emerald City Season Two Would Have Introduced A New Villain

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Emerald City reimagined Dorothy as a 20-year-old nurse who gets sucked into the Land Of Oz, where she meets a wild assortment of characters, including the Wizard himself, played by Vincent D'Onofrio (Daredevil). The finale also set up the mysterious Beast Forever would have been the main villain of season 2, who initially took the form of a Hellraiser-like flayed man named Roqua that Dorothy herself freed from the Prison of the Abject. Roquat was a recurring villain from the books and would have made for a formidable foe in Emerald City season 2.

Will Emerald City Season 2 Ever Happen?

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While fans launched a petition to try and convince NBC to pursue Emerald City season 2, there's been no clear sign of life on another series happening. Given the time that's passed since the first season came to a close, it seems unlikely Emerald City will be resurrected.

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