16 Anime That You Could Never Watch With Other People

Let’s face it — watching anime can be a pretty embarrassing thing to admit to. No matter how amazing the subject matter is, there always will be a nerdy stigma surrounding the genre, whether you like it or not. It’s hard to explain to people that anime isn’t just for children or weeaboos. There are layered stories, emotional moments, heroic journeys, and unforgettable characters, but all anyone seems to want to remember about anime is Pokemon or the deviant art associated with it. There’s more to it than that!!!

Trying to defend yourself while talking about watching anime is already a tough task, but if you are a fan of any of these anime, life gets much much harder. They are either incredibly silly, bizarre, overly racy, or just plain dumb. Sometimes one show can be all of those things! Anime is a strange medium where weird stories can come to life and not all of them are the best, to be honest.

If you have ever watched any of these anime series, you simply know you could never watch them with anyone else, because they are just so ridiculous and embarrassing. So here are 16 Anime That You Could Never Watch With Anyone Else.

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Elfen Lied
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16 Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

This heartbreaking tale of isolationism, othering, and bullying is incredibly dark and disturbing to watch at times. It tackles important social issues head-on and is highly-respected for its portrayal of these issues. There are moments in this show that will make you want to cry, scream, vomit, and pull the covers over your eyes.

If you can’t get through the first few minutes of Elfen Leid's first episode, this show is definitely not for you. It opens up with a nude woman named Lucy just walking around and slaughtering several security guards with nothing but her mind. She had been kept isolated and experimented on, and once a security breach occurs, she exacts her revenge on everyone in the facility.

If you had never heard of this anime and sat down to watch it with someone else, they would probably think you’re some kind of deviant due to all of the nudity and violence in those first few minutes.

Plus there are strange light-hearted moments in this show that shift the tone drastically, making it a very confusing experience.

15 High School DXD

This one is a tough watch, not only because there is a ton of anime lady nudity, but because the dialogue is borderline embarrassing. If you watched High School DXD all the way through, you would learn every euphemism for breasts, sex, and erections. That’s 90% of the dialogue. Just high school boys talking about getting laid and how badly they want to hook up with the hottest girls at their school. You will feel dumber for watching this show.

Throw in the fact that the main character eventually does hook up with a lady, who turns out to be a demon and he then has to battle his way through other, more evil demons, and you’ve got a recipe for one of the more humiliating anime someone could walk in on you watching.

All of that aside, if you enjoy really stupid, juvenile, and childish humor — plus big-boobed anime ladies who are frequently nude, this show is definitely for you.

14 Shimoneta


Shimoneta actually has an incredibly interesting concept behind the series. The main crux of the plot is about a world where censorship has gone wild — dirty jokes are forbidden, as is talking about sex. So, this series focuses on high school kids trying to understand the world in such a heavily censored society. The people in this dystopian society are constantly afraid of what they say and need to watch their words.

The concept doesn’t get explored beyond sexual discussion, though. There is so much more the creators could have done with this project, but it seems they thought about sex and stopped right there. Granted, it’s pretty humorous but if anyone walked in on you watching it, have a good time trying to explain why some of the main characters wear underwear on their head like a hat.

13 Pom Poko

pom poko

Goodness gracious. If you watch this anime, you know exactly what is about to happen. Pom Poko is about mythical Japanese animals known as tanuki, which are sort of like raccoon-dogs. These tanuki are trying to fend off real estate development that threatens to take their land away from them. It’s a story as old as time — greedy humans are trying to build more buildings and the creatures of the forest fighting to avoid displacement and the destruction of their habitat.

Oh, one thing about the Japanese raccoon-dogs — they all have enormous, giant testicles. That’s right. This story of how corporate greed damages the environment includes tanuki having giant balls and using them to scare off construction workers and anyone who threatens their homes.

Pom Poko takes a very serious and important story about environmentalism and adds giant “raccoon pouches,” as they are referred to in the English dub, to the mix.

12 Prison School

Prison School

If you are trying to convince people that anime isn’t a sexual thing and you don’t have some sort of weird fetish, you better not let anyone catch you watching Prison School. This show is about a formerly all-girl academy that is forced to allow boys into the school, and all hell breaks loose after that.

The rules at this academy are intensely strict, and breaking any of these rules will get you sent to the school’s prison. So when the only five boys in the entire school get caught spying on girls in the shower, they are sent to the prison and are forced to deal with kinky punishments by their disciplinarians.

Included in this anime are women with ridiculously oversized breasts that are constantly exposed, upskirt shots, and sexual innuendos that are just plain over-the-top.

11 Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

This high school-centric anime focuses on the students who survive a zombie apocalypse. They are constantly fighting to stay alive in the brutal and dangerous world that has seen all of their friends and loved ones turn into the undead. What should be a thrilling tale of heroism, survival, and grit flips the zombie premise on its head and takes things a bit more lightly.

There are gratuitous upskirt shots, loads of cleavage, and a lot more sexual tension than you would ever think possible in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Sure, the kids are constantly trying to escape with their lives, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to get it on. They are high schoolers, after all. Those hormones don’t just go away because of some stupid zombie outbreak.

Even though this anime can get a little creepy with all of its sexual content, it’s still worth a watch. Just make sure you’re alone when you do it, and don’t admit to watching it until someone else does.

10 Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

This highly-lauded anime series has some fantastic action sequences and great comedy jam-packed in its run. It is critically acclaimed and has a legion of followers and fans.

But the main character of Kill La Kill wears one of the most ridiculously skimpy outfits you’ll see in anime. It barely covers any of her private parts. The clothes are little more than a pair of suspenders and a skirt. Plus, there’s the fact that her outfit is magical and can talk. Wait, what?

Ryuko Matoi is given amazing magical abilities that include superhuman strength, endurance, and defense. The being that grants her those powers are her sentient clothes, known as Senketsu. Senketsu is constantly cracking jokes and providing a sense of humor to the show.

Try explaining that to someone who just walked in on you watching this show.

9 Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School

Lots of high school anime are incredibly strange. Cromartie High School explores a school full of delinquents who are always up to no good and look like they are about 40 years old. Their misadventures are pretty funny and bizarre, but their cast is even more bizarre.

Sure, the main characters are normal people, but then the creators of this anime decided to throw Freddie Mercury into the mix. That’s right, the lead singer of the band Queen is one of the characters in this show. Sure, he’s not specifically called “Freddie Mercury” but his name is Freddie and he bears an uncanny resemblance to the late, great singer.

Additionally, one of the characters is a gorilla. Just a gorilla in high school. Nothing to see here, folks. The gorilla is also depicted as one of the smarter students at the high school, and is a talented sushi chef. Try explaining that one to people you are watching this with!

8 Golden Boy

Golden Boy

The premise behind this anime seems innocent enough, but it takes incredibly strange and sexual turns throughout the series, ones that follow the premise, but are still bizarre.

Golden Boy is about a 25-year-old man named Kintarou Ooe, who just wants to experience all life has to offer. Included in this goal is taking odd jobs around the country, trying to get a grasp on what it really means to be alive, and find meaning. Throughout his journeys though, he gets it on with a ton of curvaceous, buxom beauties who are naked throughout much of the series.

Sure, that’s all a part of living life to the fullest, supposedly, but if someone walked in on you while you were watching one of those “sexy” episodes, you’d have a lot of explaining to do.

7 Akiba’s Trip: The Animation

Akibas Trip The Animation

Pretty much everything about this anime screams, “BIZARRE!” in your face so loudly it might pop an eardrum.

Akiba's Trip: The Abomination follows a pair of siblings who are attacked by vampiric monsters while shopping. These monsters known as “Bugged Ones” terrorize the city, and this brother and sister take it upon themselves to rid the world of them, by any means necessary. They are later joined by two other vigilantes and form a group called “The Electric Mayonnaise” that is determined to destroy the Bugged Ones.

As it turns out, the best way to eviscerate these monstrosities is to strip them nude and expose their naked body to the sunlight. Try explaining that premise to a friend who might be interested in starting to watch anime. Surely they will run for the hills.

6 Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo

If someone is still interested in watching this show with you after you tell them the silly and ridiculous name, they will surely lose all interest after you tell them some of the details of this ludicrous show.

Despite having excellent comedic timing and pacing, the plot of Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo revolves around a character who has magical nose hairs that help him fight off bad guys. Another character is a monkey with a ringing telephone on its head. Another character is a smelly warrior who farts so much, he’s known as “Gasser.” Another character is a Pop-Rock (yes, like the candy). Another character is just a blue humanoid mass of jelly. Another character uses her armpit hair to fight enemies.

Makes sense, right?

5 Manyuu Hikenchou

Manyuu Hikenchou

Literally, the plot of this show revolves around giant boobs. No, seriously — the premise of Manyuu Hikenchou involves a society where the size of a woman’s breasts determines her wealth, status, and influence on that society.

And there is no shortage of enormous, bouncing, oversized breasts in this show. It’s about as close to adult entertainment as you can get, with gratuitous cleavage shots and sexual exploits all over the place.

Thankfully the plot also includes women who are rebelling against this type of society. Chifusa and Kaede, the main characters of the show, are trying to prove that society shouldn’t be so obsessed with boobs, but rather a person’s character and actions.

The show is pretty funny and there are some really ridiculous action sequences, but definitely not something you’d want to put on the TV in front of your parents per se.

4 Welcome to Irabu's Office

Welcome to Irabus Office

This show isn’t overly sexual or violent, but it’s just plain weird. This anime centers around a man named Dr. Irabu, who has multiple, very bizarre, patients visit him.

Dr. Irabu is obsessed with giving his clients a shot that he believes will cure their psychological problems, but instead, it just makes them all the more strange. Once a patient visits Dr. Irabu, they are administered a shot, their head is then morphed into an animal’s head, and then they are forced to face their fears and problems.

Some of the clients of Dr. Irabu have silly problems. like a man who constantly has an erection, a circus performer who always drops his partners during their act, and a high school student who is addicted to his cell phone.

3 Terra Formars

Terra Formars

If you’re trying to convince people that anime isn’t weird, don’t let them know about Terra Formars. Trying to get a person to watch this show with you is a Herculean task, and with good reason.

The antagonists of this show are giant, humanoid roach-like creatures. The plot involves sending regular roaches to outer space in order to prepare to make human life habitable on Mars, but once the roaches arrive, they begin to evolve into giant creatures that overtake the planet.

Hundreds of years later, humanity is dealing with a deadly disease on Earth, and the materials needed to make the cure are only found on Mars. Now, humans must face-off against these monsters which they created. Honestly, it doesn’t go well for the humans. They are constantly getting manhandled by the giant roaches, which serves as a bleak reminder that just because science can, doesn’t mean that it should.

2 Mawaru Penguindrum

Mawaru Penguindrum

Mawaru Penguindrum’s plot is this — a terminally ill girl has been possessed by a penguin hat which has the ability to bring her back from the dead. Her two brothers now need to work with actual penguins in order to set her free from the penguin hat. The device that will set her free is a fancy penguin drum that the being within the penguin hat requires in order to bring the terminally ill girl back to life. Does that make sense?

Sure, it’s emotional. Sure, it’s got some good characters. And sure, penguins are adorable. But how the hell would you explain this show to anyone who walked in on you watching it? This plot is ridiculously stupid and just plain weird. You'd better lock all of your doors before putting Mawaru Penguindrum on your television.

1 Unko-San


If you watch this anime, you definitely tell no one about it. You cannot explain this anime’s plot to anyone without getting justifiably ridiculed. If you watch this anime, there is no redemption for you.

Unko-San is about brown poop fairies. Amongst these anthropomorphic poop fairies is a poop fairy named Unko-San who has the ability to grant good luck to others. Unko-San wants to use this ability to give luck to the less fortunate.

Not only is this anime shameful to watch because of its stupid plot and juvenile characters, but it’s just not very good. It doesn’t have the critical acclaim to forgive its dumb premise. At least some of the other anime on this list have some kind of redeeming quality, but Unko-San offers its viewers nothing more than a ton of poop jokes.


Do you watch any of these anime? How do you explain them to your friends? Let us know in the comments!

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