'Elysium' Trailer: 'District 9' Director Neil Blomkamp's New Sci-Fi Film


Elysium is the second feature-length film written and directed by Neil Blomkamp (District 9) - featuring a cast that includes Matt Damon (The Bourne Ultimatum), Oscar-winner Jodie Foster (The Beaver), Sharlto Copley (District 9), Alice Braga (Predators), Wagner Moura (Elite Squad) and William Fichtner (Prison Break), all playing humans in the year 2154: a time when the wealthy upper-class resides comfortably on a space station orbiting the Earth, while the poor and destitute live on the ruined planet's surface below.

Blomkamp has been developing his new opera of intense (re: very violent) sci-fi action and allegorical drama since District 9 opened four years ago, with the film generating advanced buzz through an impressive showing at Comic-Con 2012 and steady drip-dropping of images and plot/character information over the past nine months or so.

Of course, everyone know there's no better way to really get any film conversation going than with a trailer - and that's what we have to offer today, following hot on the heels of preview footage screenings in select cities around the U.S. (read our breakdown of the event HERE).


The Elysium trailer is an intriguing compilation of sci-fi action and genre influences, be it the Halo-esque robotics and armor (a carryover from when Blomkamp was adapting the video game to film), shades of WALL·E and the Apartheid-inspired District 9 in the post-apocalyptc metropolitan settings on Earth - not to mention, the political subtext and social themes of the film - and the glimpses at elaborate advancements in healthcare technology that fuels the plot; or, rather, motivates Damon's character to rage against his pre-destined (and premature) demise.


Overall, the trailer makes Blomkamp's sophomore feature seem promising enough to stand up as a worthwhile piece of science fiction - essentially one that is both thought-provoking and entertaining to watch - even coming not so long after this year's two other dystopian futuristic tales (Oblivion and After Earth) that have, to a degree, related visual styles and story content.


Look for Elysium when it opens in theaters on August 9th, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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