The Flash: 6 Biggest Questions After The First Elseworlds Episode

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 5 episode 9.

The Flash's Elseworlds episode wasn't just any episode, it was the first part of the Arrowverse's annual crossover, which brought together three of the shared universe's shows (Legends of Tomorrow didn't take part in the Arrowverse crossover this year). "Elseworlds, Part 1" saw the CW heroes in a very different world from the one we know: one where our Barry Allen is actually the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen is the fastest man alive.

However, the only two people on Earth-1 aware of this change were Barry and Oliver themselves. This led to some pretty fun moments and revealing heart to hearts as Barry and Oliver struggled to find out what happened to their identities.

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The first episode of the three-night event also introduced both Dr. John Deegan and the Monitor. The scene showed the Monitor presenting Deegan with a mysterious book that seemed to provide some kind of knowledge and the ability to alter reality. It appeared that the Monitor could even see when Cisco used his powers to show Oliver and Barry his vibe. To get back to reality these heroes have a big challenge ahead of them. With an episode of this size comes lots of questions. Here are the biggest ones after "Elseworlds, Part 1".

6. How Did the Body Swap Happen In the First Place?

Elseworlds Oliver Queen and Barry Allen

The biggest question in The Flash's Elseworlds episode is just how Barry and Oliver swapped bodies in the first place. The two of them come to the realization at different points: Oliver waking up in Barry's bed and Barry training with Diggle. Barry and Oliver have retained all their memories and are the only ones who know anything is different. At first Team Flash doesn't believe Barry and Oliver and have them locked in the Pipeline. However, with Iris' heart telling her the truth and Cisco ready to believe anything is possible they eventually come around.

But what caused it to happen in the first place? As of this episode, we don't know enough yet about the Monitor and his powers. The characters know something took place, but they don't know what caused it. They don't even know how to help Oliver and Barry switch back. Throughout the episode Cisco kept remaking about the red skies, could the weather be playing a role or is just part of the ominous things to come?

5. Why Did the Body Swap Only Happen on Earth-1?

The Flash Elseworlds Part 1

To get help with their conundrum, Barry and Oliver head to Kara on Earth-38. She instantly recognizes them. So why is Earth-1 the only one affected by the Monitor's plan? Does he has a specific reason for targeting this Earth? As the Elseworlds trailer has shown, the Monitor has been traveling the multiverse causing destruction wherever he goes. He has already attacked the world of 1990's Flash on Earth-90 and now he seems set to ruin yet another world. Is he just set on total domination or causing more chaos by rewriting reality?

4. Where is Nora?

The Flash 5.2 Nora West-Allen

Crossovers are a fun way to get all the Arrowverse casts together sharing a screen. However, this episode had one glaring omission: Nora West-Allen. It's not unusual for characters to sit out crossover; after all, each show has a number of characters and the scheduling going into the episodes makes giving every character a role impossible. But it seems very strange that they didn't even mention Nora's absence or explain it in anyway.

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Wouldn't Barry want to know his daughter was okay after he wakes up realizing his entire world has changed? Was Nora rewritten out of existence? Of course, it's possible Nora was in the future with Thawne, but again, why wouldn't anyone at least wonder about her whereabouts? Will she show up in the crossovers at all? Given how The Flash season 5 midseason finale ended, it seems likely that the producers will want to avoid continuing the Nora storyline until The Flash season 5 returns in 2019.

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