Elseworlds: 7 Unanswered Questions After This Year's Arrowverse Crossover

Elseworlds concluded in an epic fashion, yet questions remain in the wake of Dr. Deegan's defeat. Find out what the future holds for the Arrowverse!

Psycho-Pirate and Oliver Queen in Arrowverse Elseworlds Crossover

"Elseworlds - Part 3" closed out this year's Arrowverse crossover event, but didn't resolve everything. Having had The Book of Destiny returned to his grasp by The Monitor after Kara Zor-El, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen successfully stole it from him, Dr. John Deegan felt inspired to reshape the world once more. This time the mad doctor transformed himself into the all-powerful being he'd intended to become originally, reborn as the Superman of Earth-1.

Deegan further rewrote reality, transforming Green Arrow and The Flash into a duo of bank robbers known as The Trigger Twins. Their allies were similarly changed, becoming criminals or sycophants employed to assist Superman in running a metahuman prison. As for Supergirl, she was imprisoned in the STAR Labs pipeline, with the Earth-1 version of Alex Danvers set up as her guard to further torment the Girl of Steel, as this version of her sister didn't recognize her.

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While Elseworlds ended in a suitably epic fashion, this final chapter did raise a number of issues. Along with some continuity problems and questions about the science involved in the final battle, there are a few Easter Eggs to consider along with some major questions of events to come in the Arrowverse. Here are six questions to consider in the wake of Elseworlds' conclusion.

7. What About All The Other Times Kara Was On Earth-1?

Legends of Tomorrow Invasion! Supergirl Flash Arrow Crossover

When Dr. Deegan confronted Kara while he was in the form of her cousin, he told her that The Book Of Destiny had shown him everything there was to know about Oliver Queen and Barry Allen. Yet all he saw of Supergirl and Superman occurred during their battle with Amazo. It was almost, Deegan said, "as if you don't exist in this world."

While this is the literal truth regarding Superman and Supergirl on Earth-1, this statement ignores that Kara has been to Earth-1 several times in the past. Kara previously fought alongside Earth-1's heroes during the Invasion! crossover event. She also came to Earth-1 to attend Barry Allen's wedding and fought to repel an invasion of Nazis from another world during Crisis on Earth-X. Perhaps Dr. Deegan didn't read that far back or the Book of Destiny is poorly indexed when it comes to the activities of people from alternate realities?

6. How Does Running Around The Earth Slow Time Down?

Elseworlds Supergirl and The Flash Race Run Around The Earth

As Dr. Deegan attempts to rewrite reality yet again, The Flash suggests that they can buy themselves some more time if he and Supergirl run around the Earth in opposite directions at just over Mach 7, generating enough centrifugal force to slow the Earth's rotation. While this is a rather nice tribute to Superman: The Movie and the scene where Superman reverses time by spinning the planet backwards, the physics of what Barry suggests are completely nonsensical within the stated limits. While weight does increase with acceleration (per Einstein's theory of special relativity) Mach 7 is nowhere near fast enough for two human bodies to influence a mass the size of the Earth. While gravity has been shown to alter the flow of time (read up on the "Hafele–Keating experiment" for the details) Kara and Barry can't come close to generating that level of power at that low a speed.

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5. What Was The Hammer Lois Was Wielding?

Elseworlds Superman and Lois Lane

When the cavalry from Earth-38 arrives, Lois Lane appears along with Brainiac-5 and Martian Manhunter, wielding an exotic looking hammer. While the Fortress of Solitude sports a rather impressive armory of weapons Superman has confiscated over the years, this hammer seemed like something different. Many fans online, who noticed Lois holding the hammer in an Elseworlds promotional poster, joked that Lois Lane had prove herself worthy of wielding Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

Actress Elizabeth Tulloch provided an answer on her Twitter account, after asking Supergirl's co-showrunner Robert Rovner. Apparently, it is the Solar Hammer that is paired with the Cosmic Anvil - two items depicted in Superman's workshop in All-Star Superman. Reportedly he uses The Solar Hammer and Cosmic Anvil to forge tiny suns to feed the baby Sun-Eater he keeps as a pet. The Solar Hammer is also a mean weapon in the right hands, as Lois Lane proves in the fight with Dr. Deegan.

4. What Bargain Did Oliver Make With The Monitor?

Elseworlds Oliver Queen Stephen Amell

Having learned from Superman's reading of The Book of Destiny that Supergirl and The Flash are fated to die in the battle with Dr. Deegan, Oliver Queen confronts The Monitor with the only weapon he has - the sheer audacity to think if he yells loud enough he can command a god. Surprisingly it works, because Oliver was the first person to guess that The Monitor was testing the morality of the multiverse's heroes rather than their strength and Green Arrow was the first person with the gall to tell The Monitor how stupid he was for killing good people purely for the sake of his tests.

Granting that Oliver has a point, The Monitor says that a balance must still be maintained and that to change one destiny requires the change of another. He then asks what change Oliver would suggest. Barry and Kara wind up surviving the battle and Barry guesses later that Oliver did something to save them, though Oliver denies it. Assuming Oliver is being noble and lying (generally a safe bet), what did he offer of himself to save Kara and Barry's lives?

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