Elon Musk Promises He Isn't Secretly Creating a Zombie Apocalypse

Noted futurist Elon Musk denied rumors that he is secretly working to bring about The End of Days via a "zombie apocalypse" event. Musk has been accused of hoping to profit from such a scenario (as seen in television series such as The Walking Dead and Z-Nation), as his firm The Boring Company is currently taking pre-orders on the first commercially available flame-thrower.

Originally born in South Africa, Elon Musk is considered one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs in the fields of both business and science. Musk is perhaps most famous as the CEO and product architect behind Tesla Inc - manufactures of the Tesla electric car. Musk is also the founder, CEO and lead-designer of SpaceX - a private firm working to reduce the costs of space-travel and colonize Mars. Musk has famously appeared on television series such as The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory playing himself and appeared in the National Geographic series Mars, as one of the experts talking about the real-world science behind a fictional account of the first astronauts to visit Mars in the not too distant future.

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Musk officially denied the rumors on his Twitter. Musk further pointed out the implausibility of such a plan, saying there's no way even he could make a factory big enough to create enough zombies to constitute a "so-called apocalypse."

In spite of his denials, there is good reason to believe that Musk would stand to profit substantially in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Ignoring The Boring Company's new flamethrower offering consumers an effective means of cutting down zombie hordes quickly and efficiently, electric cars such as the Tesla Roadster would be viable as a means of transportation far longer than traditional automobiles. Gasoline would become far scarcer as refineries and drilling operations shut down, as skilled workers fall to the legions of the undead.

Should the zombie apocalypse occur once Musk has realized his dreams of establishing a colony on Mars and making space travel commercially viable, Musk could make a fortune selling one-way tickets off-planet if life on Earth proved unsustainable. Of course these conjectures presume that society would remain intact long enough for a standard capitalist economy to remain viable and that people wouldn't just start stealing what they need to survive, rendering the usual concepts of wealth and a standardized currency meaningless.

This seems as unlikely as Musk's actual descent into honest super-villainy. While Musk has always been a controversial figure, he has never shown any signs of doing anything to endanger society as we know it beyond threatening to end Western dependence on fossil fuels. It also seems unlikely, given his current busy schedule testing SpaceX's new Falcon Heavy rocket and working on the second season of Mars, that Musk has time to work on developing The T-Virus or Utopium.

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Mars Season 2 will air sometime in Fall 2018.

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