Ellen's 10 Most Iconic Halloween Costumes On The Ellen Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been entertaining audiences of all ages since 2003. Since the show has been on television for so long, it has featured lots of iconic moments. It's hard to pick just one part of this incredible show that is the most fun for fans... but her Halloween costumes have to be up there!

Ellen always rocks costumes that are hilarious, relevant, and usually a whole lot of fun. It's nice to see a famous face that isn't going for the obvious 'sexy' Halloween route, although more and more celebrities are choosing to go all out to have fun, rather than just look good on October 31st - and we are here for it.

Here are some of the most iconic Halloween costumes DeGeneres has ever worn on the show.

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10 Sophia Grace

The talk show host once dressed up as Sophia Grace, who is one half of the musical duo Sophia Grace & Rosie. Sophia and Rosie rose to fame when they were featured in a YouTube video that showed them both doing a cover of the Nicki Minaj song “Super Bass.”

After the video was posted, the girls appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show multiple times. DeGeneres’s costume was cool, but part of what makes it so great is the fact that she was not the only one who dressed up. One of her writers dressed up as Rosie, and her DJ wore a Nicki Minaj costume.

9 Dr. Phil

In the early 2000s, DeGeneres made a pretty bold move by dressing up as Dr. Phil on her show. This costume was amazing, and it was really hard to tell that DeGeneres was the one wearing it since it made her look a lot like the real Dr. Phil.

DeGeneres is one of the best current talk show hosts on television, but that doesn’t mean she is the only one. Dr. Phil is one of her competitors, which makes this costume that much more epic. DeGeneres’s Dr. Phil costume is one of the most interesting things she has worn on the show.

8 Jennifer Lopez

DeGeneres once dressed herself up as actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez. This costume is one of her most iconic looks to date for a couple of reasons.

It was simple, and yet effective. It was not hard to figure out who she was dressed up as, which is always great when it comes to costumes. It was also timely, since Lopez’s fans were trying to figure out if she was pregnant or not, and the costume featured a rather large “stomach.” Not long after DeGeneres wore this costume, Lopez ended up giving birth to two beautiful children, Max and Emme.

7 Nicki Minaj

DeGeneres has dressed up as a lot of famous people, including rapper Nicki Minaj. Minaj once turned heads when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show wearing something that left very little to the imagination, as far as her chest goes, so DeGeneres decided to turn that look into a Halloween costume on her show.

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DeGeneres’s version of that look was incredibly accurate, since she looked extremely similar to the real deal. “This year I decided to go as something really scary…half-naked,” said DeGeneres. She even made a joke about how Minaj took the show “from PG to double D.”

6 Sofia Vergara

Not many people look like actress Sofia Vergara, but DeGeneres gave it a pretty good shot a few years ago when she appeared as Vergara during a Halloween episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But the costume is not the only thing that made this a very memorable moment.

During the episode, DeGeneres also spoke in a very thick accent similar to the one Vergara has. She also wore a tight blue dress, much like the one Vergara wore to the Emmy’s. Since the back of Vergara’s dress split down the middle, DeGeneres’s costume featured a cutout on the back to make it more accurate.

5 Scarlett O’Hara

Gone With The Wind is a film that is still loved by many people, including DeGeneres, who dressed up as one of the film’s lead characters, Scarlett O’Hara, on her television show in 2004. This was a bit unexpected, since the costumes she picks typically have a lot to do with current events, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the look itself was still pretty magnificent.

Seeing a reference to a classic film like that never gets old, so perhaps nostalgia is part of the reason why this is one of the most iconic costumes DeGeneres has worn on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

4 Karla Kardashian

In the thirteenth season of her show, DeGeneres appeared as “Karla Kardashian,” a fictional member of the Kardashian family. This character was very popular, so DeGeneres appeared on the show as “Karla” multiple times.

During the character’s first appearance on the show, she joked about how she gets the clothes the other Kardashian sister no longer want. “Since I’m the younger sister, I get all the hand-me-downs.” When “Karla” appeared on the show the second time, she donned a baby bump, which was funny because many of the Kardashian sisters had recently announced that they were expecting at that time.

3 Snooki’s Hair

DeGeneres once got in touch with her inner Jersey girl when she wore one of her most famous Halloween costumes, which was Snooki’s hair. This kind of costume sounds like it is just a wig, but DeGeneres always wears a very other-the-top costume on the Halloween episodes of her show, so of course she made it into a full-body costume.

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A small doll, which was supposed to look like the pint-sized Jersey Shore star herself, hung between DeGeneres’s feet. Since Snooki is pretty tan, the doll looked as though she spent some time in the sun as well. During DeGeneres’s opening monologue, she poked fun at Snooki’s height.

2 Amal Alamuddin

DeGeneres went all out when she dressed up as actor George Clooney’s wife, Amal Alamuddin. The television star wore a wedding dress, along with a dark wig, since Alamuddin has very dark hair.

This costume was awesome for a few reasons, including the fact that it came with its’ very own “George Clooney” attached. DeGeneres had a doll that resembled the actor at her side, which only made this costume that much cooler.

The star said she did a lot for this costume, considering the fact that she did not wear a wedding dress to her own wedding. DeGeneres is married to actress Portia de Rossi.

1 O, The Oprah Magazine

DeGeneres once appeared on her show as O, The Oprah Magazine, which is a magazine that was founded by television personality Oprah Winfrey, as well as Hearst Communications. The talk show star worked hard to get the chance to appear on the cover of the actual magazine itself, which is a big deal since Winfrey rarely allows others to appear on the cover.

In 2009, DeGeneres’s wish came true. That year’s Halloween episode took place approximately one month before that issue of the magazine was released, so of course, DeGeneres celebrated in the best way possible. She dressed up as the magazine itself.

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