Ellen Page "Would Love" to Return for Tim Miller's Kitty Pryde Movie

Ellen Page Kitty Pryde

X-Men franchise star Ellen Page reveals that she would love to return for Tim Miller's upcoming Kitty Pryde movie.

Portraying the wall-walking mutant in both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Days of Future Past, Page took the character from nameless cameos in the first two movies to a major part of Charles Xavier's Gifted Youngsters. Now, as Miller eyes a solo film based on the popular comic book character, Page has thrown her hat into the ring to return.

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Although it looks like the "original" X-Men cast have been sidelined in favor of the rebooted cast of McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence and co., no one knows which part of X-Men history that Kitty Pryde will occupy. Speaking to Cinema Blend to discuss her movie The Cured, the 31-year-old opened up about heading back to Westchester for another outing:

"I loved playing Kitty Pryde, and I think one of the things I always felt was I wish I could have done more. My experience in the films wasn't necessarily that extensive and she is such a great character. I don't know anything about the movie to be honest with you, but yeah, of course, that's something I'd love to do, but I don't know."

Given that Miller is best-known for bringing the R-rated Deadpool to our screens, it looks like fans should expect a more mature version of the character than they have seen before. Also, considering Pryde's complex relationship with Wolverine in the comics, her own movie could at least tease the return of the clawed Canadian to the world of the X-Men or even connect the FOXverse and the MCU. Alongside Gambit, X-Force, and Multiple Man, Kitty Pryde joins an ever-expanding slate of FOX X-Men movies, even in the wake of the big Disney buyout. Looking to the comics, Kitty Pryde is a major player in the X-Men, who was sadly sidelined for the movie series. Also, let's not forget the canned 1989 pilot for Pryde of the X-Men, so here's hoping that its third time lucky for Kitty as she takes her own standalone movie.

Even if Brett Ratner's Last Stand is held up as the movie that "killed" the first generation of the X-Men in cinemas, Page's lovable performance as Pryde became one of the movie's highlights.The franchise briefly touched on Pryde's time travel ability in Days of Future Past, but considering that Pryde can "phase" through different eras, at least Page could return in a cameo if nothing else. Interestingly, if Page did ever return to play Kitty for a standalone, it would also open the door for other fan-favorite actors like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to reprise their roles.

Considering that Page missed out on the critically-acclaimed X-Men and X2, it seems only right that she gets another shot at the part if the situation ever arose. Ultimately though, Page's words are likely just the hopeful dreams of an actor who loved their role. No details are known about what Miller is planning for Kitty Pryde, but if it is anything like Deadpool, expect it to be something fans have never seen before.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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