The Ellen DeGeneres Show: 10 Hilarious Guest Star Quotes That Are Too Funny For Words

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been providing audiences with belly laughs, heartfelt moments, and amazing games for over 15 years. Through the years the one thing that remains is Ellen's ability to get guest stars to open up and share their not so glamorous moments. Sometimes celebrities end up sharing stories or cracking jokes that nobody sees coming, but are golden nonetheless. It's true that there is never a dull moment on Ellen's show. She is constantly pranking guests, getting them to reveal their juicy secrets, and just being plain hilarious. Here are 10 jokes from guest stars on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that are just too funny not to share.

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10 Taylor Swift's "Rebellious" Act

In a game of Burning Questions, Taylor Swift was asked what the most rebellious thing was she had done as a teenager. The pop sensation quipped by saying "Probably when I put Joe Jonas on blast on your show...that was too much." Ellen claimed she didn't even remember what Taylor was talking about. If you recall, Taylor went on The Ellen Show back in 2008 and talked about how some day she'd find love instead of a boy that breaks up with her over the phone (AKA Jonas). After ten years Swift decided maybe she should apologize for that. But getting the chance to call out your ex on national TV seems like something you can't really pass up on as a teenager.

9 Timothee Chalamet Locking His Mom Out

Ellen asked rising star Timothee Chalamet if he was a good kid and he was a little hesitant to say yes. Well we know why. Timothee then recalled a time in which he locked his mom out on a balcony of a cruise ship naked. He then proceeded to leave the room (to make the prank even better) except he forgot his key card. Oops. Ellen told him he has a lot of making up to do for that. Good thing he is a huge star now who can take his mom to every award show!

8 Ryan Reynolds And His Two Kids

While Ellen asked Ryan about what it's like traveling with his four year old daughter, she also stated that he had just had another child with wife Blake Lively. Ryan wittily replied "that happened from sex." The audience immediately erupted in a fit of laughter. Reynolds is not one to ever shy away from jokes, especially ones related to his marriage with Blake Lively. Ellen then perpetuated the joke by asking "so just sex those two times then?" He sarcastically replied with a "yeah just those two times."

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7 Nicki Minaj's Explicit Lyrics

Nicki Minaj visited The Ellen Show back in 2012 to talk about her album Pink Friday: Roman Unloaded. Ellen asked her how she has been dealing with younger fans. Most of Nicki's lyrics can get pretty explicit but she still has a younger fan base that loves her music. Her response was perfect. Nicki said, "I find I don't really have to deal with it, I'm not their parent..." The crowd loved it, and honestly it is true. It isn't her job to monitor young ears.

6 John Krasinski's Shark Scare

In a 2016 interview with The Office star, John Krasinski, he tells Ellen of the time he went scuba diving with his wife Emily Blunt. They were 100 feet deep in the water, and scuba diving around sharks. Emily was already scared. One shark broke from the pack and began to charge at Emily. John then said he had two choices: "spook her and make her move which might make the shark bite her," "or just let it play out." He went for the latter.

5 Rihanna's Rider

When coming to a talk show or anywhere with a dressing room, celebrities have riders. Riders are basically a list of things that an artist would like to have in their room before they arrive. Ellen decided she would share Rihanna's Rider back in 2016. Her list included things like wine, hot Cheetos, regular Cheetos, and Oreos. She then admitted that it was a weird mix of things, but she liked to be prepared. The regular Cheetos are for when she "gets tired of the hot ones." And you never know when you'll be craving something.

4 Jim Parsons Bought His Sister A Car

At the beginning of Jim Parsons' fame on The Big Bang Theory, he stopped by The Ellen Show to talk about his new found success. He was happy to express that he was able to buy his sister a new car for Christmas. However, he said when he called to tell his mother what he was doing she responded by asking if "he would drive her to her brand new house in that car." Jim said that would just be silly spending.

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3 Camila Cabello's Hand Warmers

While performing in Times Square on New Years Eve, Camila admitted that she was extremely cold. Camila is from Miami after all. She told Ellen that she stayed warm by placing hand warmers in between her layers of clothing. She even decided to put them well...down her pants. Her defense was "it really helped!"

2 Cardi B Trademarked Her Name

Ellen is no stranger to funny social media posts. She decided to put her face on a picture of rapper Cardi B, and call herself "Cardi E." Cardi told Ellen that she payed 2,000 dollars to trademark "Cardi." When Ellen asked her if she started any feud or if she could use the name Cardi E from now on, Cardi responded by asking Ellen if she was going to pay her 2,000 dollars then. Makes sense!

1 Will Smith Hates Mice

Movie star Will Smith might seem fearless to some. He too has his fair share of things that totally scare him. His biggest fear: mice. The pair previously discussed conquering fears like bungee jumping. Ellen decided to bring out a (fake) mouse so Will could overcome his fear. However he did not have the reaction she was hoping for. Will said, "everything is about to get ripped apart in this studio." I think mice is just one thing that Will is never going to be able to get over.

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