20Their First Date Was In A Car

Portia De Rossi Ellen DeGeneres In Car

Accordingly, they spent their first date just driving around town in a car, getting to know each other, and staying out of the spotlight.

Couples never forget their first date and it’s easy to heap a lot of expectations on what should simply be a romantic start to a relationship.

There’s even more pressure in place for famous people who are on dates because it’s important to make a good impression and impress these

people. It’s not always easy to make a big splash and get on someone’s radar.

In the case of DeGeneres and de Rossi, due to de Rossi not being out as gay yet when she and DeGeneres began their relationship, she wasn’t comfortable out in public for their first date.

It didn’t matter where they were, they were just happy to be alone together.

DeGeneres De Rossi Cold Look
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